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My Sunday evening Tachycardia

My tachycardia was gone in the morning so didn't ring doctor. I'm wearing a two week holter recorder so it should be traced and I can ask about it when I see him. I pressed the green rectangle to record that I had felt it. The holter has to be returned to the hospital on Thursday. I was very very tired on Monday but much better today and have been clearing some debris in the garden. Keep well all of you and thanks for listening.


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Sounds like my 'work' AF, on a couple of occasions I got a bad episode overnight Saturday or Sunday when due to return to work, it was beginning to look suspicious but probably linked to work as I had been fine pottering around in my own time at my own pace.


Not my case now as I'm 82. But I know the feeling. When I went back to teaching after my children were at school I always seemed to have a cold or a migraine at the weekend ! Hope you keep well. Terry


Hi Terry

I am not familiar with the halter, is that something that records while you sleep as well?

Best wishes


It's a holter heart monitor supplied by the hospital for me to wear for 14 days ( comes off tomorrow, hurray). It is supplied with a bag of electrolytes so you can take them off an reapply afterwards. Very annoying to wear I found and very itchy. But as I had a tachycardia on Sunday it seems worth while. Apparently lots of people wear them with no results. I haven't had a tachycardia event for a while before this.

Was in persistent AF and had a cardioversion in 2011 after a year, it luckily worked.

Hope this answers your query. Keep well. Terry


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