Another letter today

In the post today was a very large print of my address on the envelope from my local hospital. Must be my age? ;) Inside was another large print information stating my consultant has asked for a 24 hour blood pressure holter. Please call this number before the 24th June 2015. Also inside was a smaller pamphlet explaining everything about the 24 hour holter Heart monitor.

Only needed a couple of tries and I was though to a very pleasant lady that found I could be processed on Friday at 11:00. she also confirmed it is the heart holter, but would have to take it back to another department on Saturday as they are closed.

All I need now is for my ticker to behave on that day and mess it all up again? My last one showed a low of 32 BPM and a high of 168 bpm with the occasional jazz band playing in between. But at least they are not the old Tape recorders I first had to lug around and try and sleep though the wiring motors as the tapes went around to the next reel.

I am spending more time with nurse than my wife at the moment ;)

Be Well

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  • You should be so lucky!

  • ;)

  • I'm impressed by the rapid response - on Friday sounds just fine. Get it done and dusted.

    Yes, our hearts know when something is afoot and either show off or else behave perfectly. The latter is very annoying when you have a 7 day monitor with all its itchiness and general octopus like tedium. 24 hours is just about manageable, so good luck.

  • Thank you.

    I always seem to have to go to somewhere unplanned when I get one. And no matter how well I hide the wires when I am in public they pop out and I get some strange looks.

  • Just tell them "you are wired for sound"

    Hope the nurse you are spending so much time with is nice looking!!

    To be more serious, hope the monitor picks up the abnormal heart activity and you get it sorted out.


  • The ECG's have shown it as permanent AF. Dare say they want to know what happens at night as well

  • Visits to the dentist not recommended!

  • Here's hoping the monitor gives some useful clues. Hope the wife is happy for you to spend so much time with the nurse lol.

  • Me Too :)

  • My first was a tape recorder it was massive. I used to commute in to London everyday on the Underground and when I had a 24 hr tape I became paranoid in case anybody could see the wires under my shirt, I thought I'd create panic if anyone saw them. Good luck on Friday with the tape and with the nurse, keep well.

  • Thanks them wires do look menacing when they poke out.

  • You may find this link of interest..........(smiley face). I thought it described the last year in my life perfectly......

    It may also resonate with you!

  • Spot on ;)

  • Oooh Yeah! X

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