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continuation after the angiogram

Hello Everyone

I am now 10 days after having the angiogram done and pains I was having in my chest went after a few days and my arm is nearly there after being quite sore. I am now on apixiban, Flecainide and propranalol 10mg. However, about a week before the angiogram and since, I have felt things were not getting so good. I now feel my heart is racing far more than it ever was. I went to the gym 2 months ago and it only managed 112 bpm on the cross trainer. Now I can be sat on the settee and its goes between 55 - 135. A conversation at work got heated and it ended going up to 146. I can really feel it now when it gets faster. I am more tired. I popped into the cardiology unit after I had been to the anti coagulation clinic this week to see if I could speak to anyone as I was confused with what was happening. As far as I knew my next check up would be 6 weeks after the angiogram where I would have a 24hr heart monitor prior to this but was told it was not until March 2015. Before the angiogram, I thought there was a plan to what was happening now I feel in no mans land. What do I do now??? The nurse was lovely and said to see my own GP if I was concerned and that I must not be too hard with myself at the moment.

Do I just keep taking the tablets and see if things calm down abit? I read on here of people having to wait long times to get sorted and having procedures again and again. I find its all so much to take in. I was a very active 58 year old going to body combat classes, body balance, cycle or walk to work (2 miles) with no problems and being fitter than alot younger than me. I also like to forage and will go on walks for miles. Now I'm sitting more on the settee, sleeping alot, not got the energy to do things and also frightened to want to try!! I feel my quality of life has changed dramatically in a couple of months and more so in the past fortnight.

I am now trying to do things when I can and rest when I can't. All very well if this fits in with life but work and trying to have a social life get in the way.

Can I have some feedback as friends do not understand how I feel and just say to rest.

Many thanks to you.

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Poor poor you, it's devastating when it gets a grip so fast and when you've been so fit and healthy. It seems too long for you to wait to me. Although you might not want to, showing up at A&E when in the fast episodes might secure a cardiologist for you (it's how I met mine) or you might have a good GP (mine wasn't so good). I think they will assume that the drugs are managing it unless they hear otherwise, you have to report 'bothersome' symptoms - their words to me on discharge. Your heart rate changes alone would suggest you need your treatment looking at.

My friends struggled to understand I was so tired and needed the rest, but for now I would treat yourself gently until it settles and it is better managed.

I've been on a similar journey getting very symptomatic in a few short months and I found mentally accepting my new reality very difficult. I am making steps to improve my lot but most people seem to have to accept some changes and I have.

I hope you get the help you need soon.



I agree with Happyjo. Keep going to A&E if your heart is too fast or in AF for long periods. This is also how I met my EP. I now have an 'open' appointment with my EP nurse for a year which is very reassuring. Going through your doctor will only delay any required changes in treatment. Hope you are feeling a bit better today.


Thank you HappyJo and NanT for your replies. It's so heart warming to hear from like minded people. I think you are right Jo in the mentally accepting my situation. I will work on this. It's difficult going to the Doctor as when I have been to my GP my BP has been perfect and my pulse nice and steady. Making me look a fool until they look further into my notes for evidence of PAF. That's the problem - I'm in and out of but at the moment it does seem constant. It took a while to get up this morning as despite 10 hours sleep, I felt not quite right and heady with heart beat all over the place. So, I've just pottered around and will not surface outside. That's good for a saturday but if I was at work, it's more difficult and I have gone in looking quite tired.

I have read today about does bananas affect AF. I'm thinking oh for heavens sake, can't I even eat a banana now or an apple? I don't want to become neurotic with this and so will just eat healthy foods and even some chocolate cake until I know for definite if I should not eat it. I have been told not to eat grapefruit with my Anti coag tabs, that's all.

Many thanks


Different foods seem to affect different people. I stayed off bananas for two or three weeks but it didn't seem to make any difference. I've cut down a lot on sugar and definitely can't eat spicy foods or big meals. I am not on anticoags so can't comment on that. It's just a case of trying out different things until you find out what does not suit you. Good luck!


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