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After the Angiogram

Hi... I came across this forum after being diagnosed with PAF. I have just had an angiogram done. I didn't find the process at all nice and found it painful despite sedation. The good news is that I don't have coronary heart disease or anything wrong with my arteries and so Flecainide was prescribed along the the propranolol I am already taking.

What i would like to find out at the moment is if anyone had any pains in their chest after this. I am now 3 days past. I can now drive and have gone out for a drive and some shopping. I keep getting caught short of breath and some pain in my chest which I didn't have before the angiogram. I don't want to worry myself unduly and wonder if this is from where the catheters were inserted in the heart?

Has anyone else felt like this or how did you feel afterwards?

Many thanks


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Sorry it is years ago that I had an angiogram but I don't remember having sedation, just a local when they put the catheter in. Watched it all on TV next to me. The 20 mins with a nurse leaning on my groin afterwards wasn't much fun I'll grant you but it couldn't have been much fun for them either all that pressure. Don't recall any bad effect afterwards, just relief but that was long before I started my AF journey.

The pain could be inflammation of the heart but I would suggest that you talk to your doctor if you are worried.

You don't mention anti-coagulation in your post and I do urge you to study the fact sheet on that on the main AFA website, look up CHADSVASC and work out your risk score as stroke is the worst risk for people with AF who are five times more likely to have a stroke . Do discuss this with your doctor and don't be fobbed off with aspirin which is not suitable for stroke prevention for patients with AF.

Ask any specific question about AF and somebody will be able to answer.


Thank you BobD for your reply. It doesn't sound too good someone leaning on your groin for so long. I was fortunate to have mine done in my wrist and they put a pressure band around it after. I have a lovely bruise now up my forearm. I have been on 75mg of aspirin a day for the past 2 months and have an appointment next week at the anticoagulation clinic for a blood thinner. I was told that aspirin is virtually no good at preventing a stroke. The pains in my chest have been on and off all day but has continued even as I am just sitting here with my laptop. I went to A&E last week with sharp pains in my chest lasting only a short while and the Doctor said to wait until the pain lasted 15 minutes before contacting them next time. I feel like I am in labour and waiting for the pains to get worse before going to hospital...... I feel that is too long to wait. Or is it????

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Hi Moonstone56

I had an angiogram about 4 years ago and like Bob, they had to go in to the artery in my groin, with just a local anaesthetic. Never had any chest pain afterwards, so, as Bob suggests, better to go and see your doctor if it continues.



I had an angiogram recently, I was quite poorly at the time and had cramping chest pains before but not after. I would definitely want someone to take notice if you are short of breath!

Best wishes, let us know how you get on.


Hi Moonstone, I have never had an angiogram but would not put up with chest pains. See your GP. Sandra


The key is not to overdo it to early. It may well be that while they were having a look it just made a few tubes a little sensitive and sightly swollen. Try a warm hot water bottle on the chest if it goes with that you need to rest more.

Be Well


Thank you all for your messages. Offcut, I think you may be right in that the pain is from where they were investigating. I woke this morning with a little pain which has gone off now. If I get any more pain today I will contact the Doctors. Trouble is I live on my own and so taking it easy is ok up to a point. I have had a few days of sitting around doing very light duties but now things need to be done and I need to get active as its not too sitting around too much. I have already put on weight where I am not so active.

Many thanks and you all keep well


I agree about going to A and E whenever you feel the pain merits it- I don't think you should worry about what they said about waiting- it's often a totally different doctor anyway and the advice usually is to go quickly to A and E with chest pain- better safe than sorry- having said that I agree with the others it's likely to be procedure related BUT if you feel pain- go and get checked!!


Hi Moonstone, great forum or what? Like you're I'm so pleased I found this organisation/group.

I had my angiogram June 2013 and like yourself got the all clear. I had no chest pain following the procedure and if I remember correctly just rested for a few days. I went for a groin entry point as I wanted to protect my wrist due to my work (entertainer/musician).

I'd suggest that if you're still getting chest pains go back to your GP/Cardio.

Good luck with it all



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