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I have persistant AF for just over a year and had cardioversion and ablation but neither successful, back to see EP in August to go back on the the list, I assume.

My work is in sales and drive approx 30,000 miles pa, but finding that can do less and less miles before having to stop for a break (sleep in layby), its nearly once in the morning then similar in the afternoon, its driving me nuts, as I'll still have nearly another 15 years of doing this! I spend on average 2 nights away each week already to limit miles.

i've changed my lifestyle since AF came on the scene, drink alot less, eat healthily, still excercise although now more sedantry (on Cardiologists advice).

Does anyone else have anything to add, as I'm in a position where I think I should look towards something less driving/stress related. The loss of income may hurt.



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  • I am in a similar position but that I operate a multi million pound machine and my af is paroxysmal. My employers are pushing me at the moment (even though it has nothing to do with them) about whether I have informed the dvla about driving. I have an appointment with my ep tomorrow and will be discussing this. So Ina nutshell my employers are questioning my fitness for the role? So unfortunately this is a major issue for you and something you need to clear up very quickly. Sorry to be so negative mate.

  • Thanks, employer very good but kindness can only stretch so far as I have targets to hit. My EP appt is not until August and GP not particularly helpful.

  • James, I have just been to seem my EP and he assures me that I am ok to operate machinery and to drive. He said that if I had blackouts or had a particular type of ventricular AF (maybe Bob can help with that) then it maybe different. A simple change or drop in medication could be all you need

  • As a sufferer of persistent AF also, I mentioned my tiredness to my cardiologist, he was fairly certain this was a bi-product of Bisoprolol (i'm on 10mg per day) rather than the AF itself. Might be worth checking if you'd be better of my another type of Beta blocker

  • I agree. I had Bisoprolol (Various doses up to 10mg, down to 1.5 mg and it DOES make you tired. As it is there to control your heart rate (So I believe from this forum, though my GP gave it to me as a probable cure for the AF - and he the surgery's specialist on heart problems!) maybe you can go down to a lower dose and still have the heart rate effects.

    I am in persistent AF, probably for the past 5-10 years?? with a low CHADS score. Am 52.

  • After being diagnosed with AF and DCM and also being off work for about 6 weeks, I had a staged return to work including an assessment by an OT in conjunction with my doctor. Your employer is obliged by law to take your condition into account and work with you to see if they can ease the stress to cope better with your condition in your current job. In my case I had a lot of travelling in my work including early starts etc, and I was able to arrange with them a less stressful arrangement where if needed I travelled the day before early meetings and stayed overnight. But it's left very much up to you and your employer to work together on this. I have heard of cases where some employers to try to use a medical condition to show inability to do the job description and have tried to enforce redundancy on this basis.

    Were you off work for a while following initial diagnosis and/or your ablation?


  • Yes I was off work for ablation (2 weeks post and a few days before, feeling very tired, as now). Employer is currently sympathtic but there will come a point, I'm sure, that capability to do role etc. I spend life on the road and I'm 75 miles from office.

    Perhaps feeling should look for something less stressful but probably less well paid.


  • How long ago was your ablation? I have had four and I didnt get back to normal until after about 4/5 months with each of them

  • Ablation was a month ago, felt really good for few days then tiredness that had before started again. If you didnt feel normal for 4/5 months, I should just ride the wave for a while.

  • Yes definitely, after my first one I went back to work after two weeks and ended up getting sent home. To steal Bobs words, just because you havent got a big scar on your chest doesnt mean your heart hasnt had major trauma inflicted upon it. Take it easy and you never know when you finish healing it may have an affect on the AF.

  • I am nearly four months post ablation.

    I took a full month off work and I only sit at a desk all day, I was eased back gently into work the first few weeks, but since things have started to ramp up I can definitely feel things are changing, I make all attempts to stay relaxed and not get stressed but being busy just seems to make my heart misbehave again, can't tell if full blown AF.

  • A fe w thoughts.

    ... What is your SpO2 levels am, pm and when you stop for your sleep break?

    ... Get your GP to refer you to be checked for sleep apnoea. Mine told me that quite a few who get af get / have SA. I am waiting for my results.

    ... It may not be the bisoprolol at all. I thought it was and it wasn't.

    .... Are you on statins? They can cause sleepiness by interactions. Did in my case.

    ... The AF itself can cause / contribute to sleepiness. It did in my case.

    Good luck

  • And yes I would look for a new job. Your health is worth more than your life

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