Cardioversion waste of time

Had it 4 times now,first time they couldn't get the heart to start again for five mins and it only worked for 4 hours.

2nd time worked for 11 hours.

3rd time they forgot to book anesthetist so we all got sent home.

4th time it worked for 2 hours,

Some hospitals are now dropping it as it has such a poor success rate.

Surprised at the comments about feeling wiped out after the Op,I had my regulation cup of coffee and sandwich and went back to work in the afternoon.

I was always 1st done as I am diabetics and we always go 1st.

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  • I do wonder why doctors persist in doing DCCV on patients who don't stay in NSR for more than a few minutes/hours. In my opinion only of course it gives false hope to people when doctors should be looking at a different approach. It is a bit easy to just send patients for DCCV rather than think what else to do?


  • There are very many of us to whom DCCV's are an absolute life - line. I have had 13 over the 22 years since i was first diagnosed & one lasted 4/5 years with 1+ years being average. As I am refractory to drug treatment ( had 3 ablations ) they have given instant relief. I can think of one occasion when I was unable to walk from hospital entrance to the cath lab & needed a wheelchair for the first time in my life.... hours later & I could have skipped down the hospital corridor. I don't know how I would have coped without them. I'm sure that there are many who would agree with me.

    Ratus, when you say that they couldn't get the heart to start again for 5 minutes, do you mean to say that you went into cardiac arrest & needed CPR ?


  • I echo what you say Sandra - I too benefit from having a cardioversion. Perhaps they are more successful for people who have tachycardia.


  • I think you are right there Jean. All three of mine were for atrial tachycardia rather than AF which was eventually successfully treated with ablations (three) . I still believe that prevention is better than "cure" though and other treatment should be investigated rather than relying on DCCV WHERE POSSIBLE.

  • Bob, nearly all of mine were for AF and they were the ones which lasted the longest . Sandra

  • I've just had my 2nd cardioversion (1/9.14) my las one last 6 months so fingers crossed. I'm have been referred to an EP to discuss ablation this time though. I would say ittook me around 3/4 days to fully recover and the sunburn to subside lol. hope you get sorted. xxx

  • Rather than being a 'failure' I think it is a useful indicator of where one is with AF. Works for some and not others. The process is not at fault. It is simple and comparatively non invasive. For me, it was a a huge benefit and after over a year, still is. At my age, I would be happy to go back for another every year or so and spend the time between with something of a spring in my step!

  • I agree with you Dadog! Sandra

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