Time for cardioversion!

Having been in permanent AF for a year; and promised a cardioversion 10 months ago, I was beginning to feel a bit neglected. Together with my GP, I had got my BP up to a reasonable reading in the region of 114/72 by reducing one of my high BP drugs (Lisinoprol) from 40mg to 20mg daily. Certainly helped reduce the dizzy spells.

Yesterday, I had a call from the cardiology dept. asking me to get weekly blood tests, in order to provide them with four consecutive INR results of not less than 2.0. Then I will be called in for the procedure. Progress!

I'm a little anxious - also not too confident that anything permanent will come of it. Like an old car that's ticking along fairly well, this old chap would be happier not to be messed about, stopped and started and given an electrical jolt! However, I'm always positive.......watch this space.

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  • I do wonder about this as there has been a fair amount of discussion on here about CV and the dubious benefits. I'm not saying that it is a waste of time, but if it doesn't work then further attempts would be.a waste of time and effort. DCCV is usually most effective if performed within 24hours of AF starting and can usually be done then without worry about INR etc.. I will hope all goes well for you but warn you not to get your hopes too high.


  • I don't - and won't, Bob. I understand that the success rate is low but has obviously helped some. I would have been a little more optimistic had it been performed within the 4 to 6 weeks originally scheduled and if I had been a stronger and more vital young man of, say, 30! I'm sure my 'leaky' valve doesn't help matters.

    Thanks for your comments and good wishes. I shall move forward with a very reserved optimism!


  • Bob, I agree, I was advised that CV only worked for that moment, there is noting to say the heart will stay normal for any period of time if you have AF, its usually used if the drugs have failed and it would seem in Dadog's if he's in permanent AF for so long!

  • I was diagnosed around april ,put on warfarin and bisoprolol, i had cardio version done september the 14th ,wich to me seems quick if they are waiting to see the effect of the medication ,it seems so many doctors have different ways of dealing with things .but i must say i dont intend having one cv after another .having it done a piece of cake .its the continuous doses of anaesthetic that worry me have seen first hand results not good ,.have a great week end ,PoppeyStorey

  • I shall go along with the general thinking on this. Happy to give it a try but, like PoppyStorey, don't see the point of doing it over and over again. However, as we all acknowledge, we are all different. My AF has been stopped, one way or another, three times before over the last 45 years, so let's see what happens this time.


  • No...not scary at all. It is a quick and simple procedure, usually made almost a pleasure by friendly and efficient nursing staff. You may even get a sandwich and cup of tea afterwards. I did!

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