Failed cardioversion (I think)

I had cardioversion last Monday , and it worked but in the early hours Of Thursday morning I had a few missed heart beats not really af, went to drs he said things need to settle down. Friday , Saturday fine all day but woke up early hours of today with same thing but a bit worse and it's lasted all day, is this normal after ca radio version or not. Thanks


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  • Hi Julia

    You lasted longer then me, They got 6 seconds out of me after the first zap, 12 after the second and nearly 20 after the 3rd, but then straight back into A Fib.

    Cardioversions do work for some, but not often for a very long time, so it's not unusual for them to fail after a few days, weeks or months. You can only really tell by an ECG, so I suggest ring the Cardio tomorrow and see if you can get in to see him/her.

    Good luck and be well


  • Thank you for that I'm really upset as I have had a few days of feeling like I did before I got this darn disease

  • I'm sorry Julia, I know the disappointment, but they will find other ways of treating this condition that will work for you.


  • What other things are there besides ablation as I don't want to have that


  • I was scared of ablation but went ahead anyway. It seems to have worked and I am in NSR for almost two months now. My 3 month checkup today. It is a scary option but worth it and really serious side effects are very rare. So don't rule it out yet. Best of luck.

  • Hi Julia they will probably initially try drugs depending on the severity of your symptoms. But you need to consider ablation as an option as many think that early ablation is the best treatment

    But as I said depends on your symptoms

    Be well


  • Hi Julia,

    Your experience echos my own, so I know how disappointed you are feeling at the moment. As Beancounter has said, DCCV does not work for everyone, and has the best chance of success if

    a) you have not had the condition for too long (less than 12 months) and

    b) you have not reached my tender years!! (I am a 65 year old male)

    My cardioversion fixed things for about a week and then I reverted back to AF. I remember the feeling of elation and lightness in my step as I accompanied my daughter out of the hospital to her car after I had mine done. I still remember it 6 months on, and would dearly like to get back to a normal heart rhythm again. Despite my feelings of apprehension (putting it mildly!!), when my EP suggested catheter ablation, I have agreed to it, as it is (as he has explained) my best chance of getting "back to normal" and having an improved quality of life. As DCCV has not worked, at my age apparently, it is not worth doing it again and ablation offers my best chance of success.

    You really need to go back to your GP/EP, tell them how you feel, and have them review your current position, then take it one step at a time. Discuss with them what your options are, the pros and cons of each, and the likelihood of success. I wouldn't rule out ablation though, if it is recommended as your best chance of success.

    Wishing you the very best of luck, Mallet-head

  • Sorry to hear this Julia- I think Ian and Mallet-Head have covered everything - try and find out actual figures for complications of ablation for your particular EP as things are improving all the time so you may not need to be so worried if it's a large experienced centre. You need more information about you options- good luck!

  • Thank you everyone xx

  • Hi Julia

    Really sorry to hear this. I know it's been one of my anxieties this week. I hope it's resolved quickly for you.

    Alison x

  • Thanks going for warfarin test this morning so I'm going to have a word with the nurse x

  • Hi Julia - So sorry to hear that your cardioversion may not have worked. I had one in November and it lasted two months (ended a week ago with vengeance). I'm going to see my arrhythmia nurse this morning. I've had two ablations the last was in June 2013.


  • Hi Julia,

    I can imagine you are disappointed after cardioversion. I had mine 7 months ago ( I am 68) and is still holding. However, I have had a lot of periods of ectopics lasting several seconds many many times a day every day and night. My EP did not comment on it and even felt that I should stop anticoagulant. Hope things will improve for you and I am sure there is solution with either medicines or ablation.

  • Hi,

    I'm going for an ECG this afternoon , I think it may be ectopic beats as it doesn't feel the same as the af symptoms , I hope so


  • My af (paroxysmal) has changed dramatically in the last month. Rather than distinct episodes lasting a few hours, I have been having loads of ectopics all day and every day for about 3 weeks. I'm counting the days now, hoping I don't go into af.....I much prefer the ectopics! I don't feel ill at all, and having been reassured by my gp that they are 'normal' (ie lots of people get them) and will probably pass in time, I've stopped being anxious about them. It is SO different to a fib, and I give thanks each day that this miracle is happening. Always aware that with af, you can never be sure. The silly thing is, by writing this now, I feel I'm tempting fate and part of me wants to delete..........not that I'm at all superstitious you understand. :)

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