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CVA can you have an ablation after


We have just found out my boyfriend had a CVA [from cardiologists letter] though it must have been a mild one as we didn't even know when it happened it has come as a shock to both of us.Boyfriend is behaving normally,ie speech,thoughts and no loss of use in his body.He has mild atrial enlargement,mild/moderate mitral regurgitation and normal LV and persistent AF according to cardiologists letter.

Can boyfriend still see an EP to see if he can have an ablation.

He is having difficulty in getting his dr,to prescribe amlodopine because it interacts with carbamezipine which boyfriend has been on for years[the latter] for epilepsy.However he's not had a fit since he was prescribed amlodopine a few weeks ago and 10mg bisoperol makes him sleep 18hrs daily so was reduced to 7.5mg but his dr is not listening to the cardiologist.Does Amlodopine control afib,heart rate rhythm to some extent or just BP .if so he possibly could talk about taking another BP tablet surely.

Sorry for the long post please can some-ne give us some advise whether likely he would be a candidate for ablation.


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Amlodopine is purely BP medication althoughI am on that plus losartan for mine.


I think your boyfriend should still be able to have an ablation. I had a TIA in Feb 2013 and a CVA n March 2013.My EP said he wanted to wait 6 months from the stroke before he would do the ablation. In the end he did it the beginning of June 2013.I don't know why he changed his mind to do it earlier but very glad he did. Best decision of my life. An amazing procedure. Good luck.



Well thanks put my mind at rest a bit.I'll get my boyfriend to ask the cardiologist about another BP tablet if the dr,still refuses to prescibe Amlodopine.I'll also keep my fingers crossed re an ablation have just been reading about the mitral valve regurgitation perhaps he will need it replacing/repairing and perhaps an ablation could be considered at the same time.I don't know this is all new to me.I'm still in shock with it all I am still learning about the heart and how involved it is.

Best Wishes.


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