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weekend away after ablation

Hi all my hubby had an ablation on the 6th march and is feeling quite good apart from a few ectopics. We are going away for a few days in april which will be 5 weeks post ablation and would like to know could he have a couple of beers or non alcoholic beer . alcohol has never affected his AF he also loves his gardening so would he be able to do some light work ,Ihavent let him do anything so he is getting a bit bored now and wants to be doing things now . Thank you

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The only way to know is to try but I would be very, very cautious until past 12 week mark and proven to be successful. If drink is taken - drink the equivalent amount of water alongside the beer or wine.

Exercise such as light gardening to be encouraged I would say but again - cautiously and stop before get tired and get plenty of rest.

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Personally I would avoid alcohol of any kind as if it were poison for at least six months until all is healed and you know where he is at. It would be really stupid to undo the good work for the sake of an odd drink. And this is a wine man speaking! ha ha Even 9 years down the line I am still very cautious and know when I am having a risky day and when not to think about it.

As far as the holiday goes just enjoy but tell him to listen to his body and back off if he feels things not right.


Agree with CDreamer if you are staying in the UK.....I'd be a bit more cautious if I was on foreign turf!! Have a great will do you both the world of good.....


No alcohol!! I hope you enjoy the holiday but take things steadily!!


Even if alcohol hasn't affected your husband before, the ablation will have upset things a bit and his heart will still be healing for some months yet. I would steer clear and continue to take it easy until at least the 3 month point has passed. For me, alcohol has always been a trigger and I eventually weaned myself off it completely. I missed it terribly at first as I always associated it with having a good time, but now I don't and I'm grateful that my heart also appreciates the sacrifice !


I have found a couple of pint of beer is only thing that triggers my af now. After Ablation in December. So drink couple of pints of shandy now when I go out and that does not trigger af. But you don't know if anything now triggers it until you give things a try. Think is very much a personal thing. Hope this helps Mike


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