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moderate mitral valve regurgitation and persitent AFib


Thankfully my boyfriends second doctor at his GPs surgery as listened to the cardiologists report to leave boyfriend on 7.5mg Bisoperol and not increase it to 10mgs as another GPinsisted on doing which at that dose my boyfriend sleeps 18 hours a day.

However if my boyfriends BP rises the new GP will increase the Bisoperol to 10mg whatever the consultant advises why is it the Gps seem insistent on doing this why can't they increase the Amlodopine he takes instead at 5mg.

Does any-one know whether the cardilogist might consider mitral valve surgery and if so at what point might they consider it and does any-one know whether ablation as been done at the same time as mitral valve surgery? If mitral valve surgery is taken place might the AFib become more controlled.The AFib still affects my boyfriend even on maximum dose Bisoperol and he cannot take Amiordarone due to adverse side effects he had while taking it.

Thank you for your replies,

Best Wishes.

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Hi Pamfritz

I doubt if any of us are qualified to give you a full answer to your question, whether or not to consider surgery for mitral valve problems, will depend on exactly what the problem is, what other conditions might be present, and what shape the rest of the heart is in, it's certainly a cardiologists opinion that's needed here, and you should ask your cardio these questions.

Certainly rising BP would be a challenge, and the doctor is going to worry about that and try and control with drugs, I doubt (but do not know) if they would perform an ablation as well as mitral valve surgery, they are two almost completely different procedures in my understanding, one is a full blown heart operation, and the other a procedure performed in a cath lab.

Good luck, and please wish him well from us all.


Thank you for getting back to me ,I suppose I was seeing if any-one else had the same operations together as I believe ablation can be carried out during other heart surgery[at the same time].The last report done two weeks ago said mild enlargement of Left atria, both ventricles were fine.Just taken a BP reading 144/95 boyfriend is 55, so as far as I have read he has hypertension.Looks as if it needs further investigation.

Thank you for your good wishes.


in reply to Beancounter

I do know that it is possible to do surgical PVI as opposed to doing RF or cryo ablation so if the cardiologist is already working inside the heart it would technically be possible. Whether or not to perform valve surgery would depend largely on how badly it is leaking and for what reason. As I understand it there are two alternatives. Carbon fibre or pigs valves. My brother in law had a carbon fibre one fitted about 15 years ago which in theory should be wearing out about now but all still seems well. His was needed thanks to Lymes disease caught from a Greek tick .

Hi again, pamfritz. I think the procedure with mitral valve regurgitation is one of monitoring until - and if - it becomes something that requires correction. In 2010, when mine was diagnosed, I was told that it would be monitored annually and that probably it would be OK for 3 years or so. No one seems to be able to be more specific. I was also told that this problem wouldn't necessarily cause AF but would be a contributory factor. ( the more we delve into these things, the more it shows what an inexact science AF is!)

My own feelings on hypertension (and I'm no doctor) are that, in the long term, it is controlled with specific HT drugs and I don't think beta blockers are one of them. They are used to calm people down in tense or stressful situations but beyond that, dedicated drugs are the answer. Well - that's how I've been treated over the last 36 years and it's all working OK.

Glad you have changed GPs and hope that this new guy keeps an open mind and listens to specialist advice.

Thank you Dadog1 so far the specialist hasn't said about monitoring boyfriends mitral valve regurgitation just says on the report it's mild to moderate.

Bp can be a problem I've had mine only a few years since I was 39 now I'm 52 and on Amlodopine,doxazosin,irbetsartan and recently a directic.

I know sometimes it's a case of wait and see before anythings done ie valve repair but do hope if this has to be done they can ablate and at least calm the AF episodes somewhat for my boyfriend..Until Jan of this year I didn't even know what AF was so this is definitely a learning curve.

Fingers crossed things go on working ok for you without having a major op.

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