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Saw my cardiologist today and went through the recent deterioration in my health, not all of which is af related. However, my sessions of af have been increasing and last much longer than they used to. As a consequence I am feeling tired and unwell a lot of the time. We went through my medication and he ruled out flecanide, and after much musing came up with amioderone, which he said would be OK in the short term. However his recommendation was for me to have an ablation. I was totally unprepared for this as in the past he has been against the procedure. So really he has removed my options somewhat and taken the wind right out of my sails. I'm feeling a bit shell shocked but am going to see an EP privately to talk it through. In the meantime cardio has ordered another echocardiogram. Have to say I am terrified by the thought of ablation and that 5% risk seems very large in this context.

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  • I had three with no problems as have many people. Theoretical risk percentages seldom match reality and to be honest 5% sounds much higher than I remember being told. In my case as my condition deteriorated I was faced with a decreasing worry and as one person said to me, "If you are standing on a river bank with a ferocious lion approaching and the river has crocodiles in it, there comes a point when the crocs look the best bet."

    Go to AF Association main website and read the booklet on ablation as knowledge is power to dispel fear.

  • As we cannot provide you with medical advice, please follow the advice of your doctors. It seems to me they offer you the ablation instead of drugs based on risk and benefit analysis. Amiodarone can cause very bad side effects for some people even in a short run.

  • Hi I am very similar my af started getting a worse at the end of last year and I had problems with medication is was advised to have an ablation so am going ahead in April my EP was very reassuring and described it as a "procedure" with only a 1% risk. The medication side effects are awful so am going for it.

  • Thank you for your replies. I think I will go ahead too. It just came as a bit of a shock and wasn't on my radar. I agree, ameoderone is not a drug to be recommended.

  • I had an RF ablation 6 weeks ago and it's been a much easier recovery than I could have imagined. Things went along without a hitch and I really didn't have any of the troubles that you may read about on this website. I'm very happy I did it becaus heart is so much calmer now that I almost feel "normal" again! Best of luck!

  • Thank you Jomama, good luck with your continuing recovery.

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