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One Month Post RF Pulmonary Vein Ablation

I had a successful radio frequency catheter ablation on the 9 July 2014 at Bart's Hospital. Dr Mark Earley was able to isolate 3 of my 4 pulmonary veins. There's a 1 in 4 chance that the one vein he could not isolate turns out to be a trouble maker. However I am optimistic that I will stay in sinus rhythm but I accept that I might need further ablations if I don't? I stopped taking Amiodarone 2 weeks post ablation with medical agreement. I was put on it by Professor Schilling in February to make me ready for the ablation. He had explained that my heart was like a rowdy classroom and that the anti arrhythmic drug would quiet the heart and help show where to ablate. Coming off the drug was both welcome and worrying. Welcome because it is a powerful drug which you don't want to be on long term and worrying because I was anxious that without it I would slip back into AF. The Amiodarone had converted me prior to the ablation. I had one wobble 2 days after coming off the drug otherwise I have stayed in sinus rhythm. I have been advised that it takes some two months for the drug to leave the body.

I have taken it easy since my ablation as all good advice is to allow 3 months for the heart to recover. I have kept off my bike and my fell shoes are gong mouldy! I am watching what I eat and keeping my weight down and doing Vinyasa flow yoga daily which is excellent for keeping in good condition. It also teaches good breathing technique. So far so good and I would recommend ablation over drug control and cardioversion every time altho I realise it's not for everyone. Make sure you do your research and you get a good electro physiologist. Do it as soon as you can as the earlier the better. The ablation procedure is straight forward and although it takes time to recover and for the bruising to the groin to settle down it was trouble free for me and is really nothing to get anxious about. In fact I got the bus home the next day. I am now looking forward to doing some cyclo cross and fell running in October but I have promised Professor Schilling not to redline it in the future!

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Thanks Elbows for the inspiration and update, like you I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym etc but have to be patient. I've stayed off my stationary bike, won't be going the gym in work like I used to which is so frustrating as I'm only 11 days post ablation :-D Can I stick it out, I've put on so much weight its depressing? :-(

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That's all sounding good. I understand the worries about giving up medication - feels like going down a long, long staircase with no handrail.


Well done, all sounds to be on the right track. Fingers crossed for you. Did you have sedation of GA. If sedation how aware were you of the procedure and how long had you been on the ablation list. What did you think of Barts care, and are you local to there.



Good news Elbows and an excellent post.


Thanks everyone for your kind comments. In answer to your post

Meadfoot I had a local anaesthetic/sedation. I was partly aware of the procedure and did feel some discomfort but it was not worrying and they gave me more opiates to manage. I was on the waiting lust for some 17 weeks. The care I received at Bart's was very good altho the hospital department for ablations is very dated and is due to move into a modern building. I live in Derbyshire and requested through my cardiologist at Derbty Royal to be referred to Professor Schilling and Bart's.


Great news. Pleased for you. Barts is an excellent hospital


Excellent news, Elbows - thank you for sharing.

Keep well. xx


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