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Pulmonary Vein Isolation

So just a quick post about my experience....I'm 35 and have suffered with AF for the last 12mths (my mum had it at aged 55 and I have no other indicators to suggest why I have it) I've had one failed cardioversion and on March 9th 2015 had an ablation. So far this has been successful and I'm back in sinus rythmn...I hope it stays this way.

For anyone waiting for an ablation I would say it definitely is the way forward. I don't understand why the NHS don't advocate this as the primary treatment for AF as everything I have read suggests cardioversion is just a part time fix.

I found the burning/ablation around the PV a little uncomfortable but it was over after 3hrs...I was surprised to be awake and sedated for the op...not sure if this is the norm?

2 wks on no AF, only thing I notice is my pulse is a little elivated 85/90 bpm, and feel sometimes slightly breathless still but this is improving and from reading posts on here seems fairly normal.

I'm at present on Amiodarone and Dabigitran but am hoping that if I remain in Sinus rhythmn these will cease.....

Found the posts on magnesium very interesting....has anyone taking it actually taken medical advice on this or just used the internet for research? I'm just interested in Dr's opinions or advice before I start using it.

Anyway I wish you all a healthy heart and where possible normal sinus rythmn!!!

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Raised heart rate post ablation is quite normal. Mine sat around 80 for a few months but eventually returned to normal 65-70. In answer to your query, if every AF patient had ablation the NHS would be bankrupt in weeks . Not that there are enough EPs to do it all anyway. The last figures I had are a few years old and suggested about 10,000 ablations a year and there are about a million people diagnosed. You do the Maths. It would be great if it were so but there are still loads of people terrified of the idea so not everybody would agree with us.


Pleased your ablation has gone well. Take care and recovery slowly. Be well.



I just posted this to another thread. It might help with your Magnesium question.

I tried oral magnesium citrate but found it difficult to tolerate a high enough dose. Thanks to advice from this exceptionally kind and useful forum I tried bathing in a Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom salts) solution. Every other day and with 400/500gms per bath. After only four weeks I have fewer episodes and they are much quieter which means that I can lead a more or less normal life when in AF. I have managed a full round of golf and a 6 mile walk. Salts are cheap at a little more than £1Kg when bought in bulk (Amazon). Research from the University of Birmingham has found that it is well absorbed this way and any excess appears to be excreted so no worries about toxicity.





Link doesn't work. Am I correct in assuming that it is this one? mgwater.com/transdermal.shtml

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Yes- sorry about that I must have copied it incorrectly.


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