Finally getting a referral to Cardio

Just thought I would update, I finally proved to my GP it was worth while referring me to Hemotologist who was taking an interest in a family plight of finding out what is going on with us all. With me being the eldest I have progressed further with AF getting worse and TIA's increasing with all now leaving permanent damage, mainly to hearing and sight. Going back a few months ago, my GP said there was nothing more a Cardio could do and also refused to refer me to ENT after further deafness and sudden onset of vertigo and balance issue's. I saw the Hemotologist yesterday and I took print outs from the App I used called Cardiograph and gave my story. He immediately said he would refer me to Cardio and ENT, and the first think he said it me was ' you do realise you should not be on Sotolal as this is now not recommend by NICE' he is doing these referrals. Let's hope I get somewhere at last. NHS is a big battle at the moment, but I will not give up.

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  • I'm glad that you are making progress after such a frustrating experience . Have a look at NanT's ' Losing faith' post. Best wishes.

  • Thank you and I will look at the post from Nants

  • Well done poppy.

  • Good to hear that you are, at last, making some progress.

  • Thanks both of you for your reply's. :)

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