Cardio version anyone?

Hi everyone

Been in fast AF 130/140 now for just under a week and feel miserable. Went to Hull A&E yesterday they gave me 300ml iv Amiodarone and my hr went to 90... Still in AF but they let me go. I'm back in Bradford now and my Hr is back to 135 AF.

Do you think the time is to go to A&e and have the cardio version if offered... If so could anyone give me an idea of what happens I'm just a little bit scared now!!!

Thanks guys x x x

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  • Hi, quicker you can be in sinus rhythm the better as far as I am concerned. No need to be scared. In and out in ten minutes and you are fast asleep. Worse case sernario is you're a little sore where the pads are placed.

  • Thanks long to you have to starve before you have it done...just scoffed a bloody sausage roll!!! Did it work for you first time? X

  • Hi, I think it was just from 12 midnight from what I remember. They can try up to three times in one session I think - they did we me anyway. First session didn't work so they put me on flecadide for a few weeks and tried again and that time it did. Reverted back though a few weeks later though. Three ablations later and things have improved just got AF occasionally now. Good luck with your journey!

  • Not suitable for everyone!

  • Have you tried flecainde? And if not why not.

    Its miserable and scary and I don t think A and E know much about AF

  • Hi I can't have flec as I have flutter as well as AF. Its my mums anniversary tomorrow since she passed away so I think I'm getting more worked up tonight than normal. Just gonna try and calm down I may convert was 8 days last time so there's time yet! X x x

  • LIke you I was unable to take Flecainide because I have flutter, but was told that this makes me a more suitable candidate for cardioversion, and (fingers crossed) have lasted over a year in NSR. Given that it is quick and painless another cardioversion is worth trying.

  • I lasted 18 months after cardioversion last time having a icd this time

  • If you've been in AF for that long at that rate I can understand why you feel miserable, so don't understand why after the Amiodarone only half worked Hull hospital didn't admit you and keep you in overnight so they could do a cardioversion (DCCV) the next day. That way they can monitor you and make sure you're 'nil by mouth' before doing the (very short) procedure, which will be over before you know it. A little, as BobD calls it, fairy juice through a cannula in either your hand or your arm, then they put two pads, one on your chest and one on your back (which will feel cold, and that really is the worst of the whole procedure) and the next thing you know you'll be waking up in recovery feeling great and relieved to be out of AF and back in normal rhythm.

    Please come back and let us know how you got on. All the best, Kate.

  • Thanks Kate for all that info. It was my choice.. stupidly thought I would convert as it was going so well and wanted desperately to come home when they gave me the choice to leave...I did. Stupid I know.

    But my alivecor keeps flashing 69 then 131 averaging at 98 in AF.....I'm praying its a good sinus sign...please keep fingers crossed otherwise I will be skipping to be converted tomorrow x x x

  • The difference between high and low isn't bad at all. As you know I'm in persistent AF and even on good days the difference is 35 or 40.

    What is the length of your recording time. Needs to be an absolute minimum of 1 minute but realistically a minimum of 2 minutes and then it is a much more realistic assessment and comparison.

  • Hello Peter x yes its on for 5 mins just to make sure and a averaging at 100... Better than 130 final reading. Scared to get my hopes up its been a very long week but dealing with it much better than before. I was telling the consultant that my friend Peter on here advised me last year to take all notes in with me to A&E with list of all meds ect...what a difference it makes, I was much calmer and they were definitely impressed with my preparation and saved loafs of time and monitoring... I've you to thank for that x x

  • Your very welcome!!!

    Also most comprehend and absorb more when it's written down rather than them being told. Also I suspect they know it's more accurate information.

    Chin up.!!!! Xx

  • Of course you will need to have anticoagulant on board before cardioversion and they are probably unlikely to do it out of hours, but yes u may be lucky

  • Thanks Biggles . I'm on rivaroxaban and have been for 6 months so hope that's enough x o x

  • Gd luck hope everything goes well for u 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Thank you x everything crossed x x

  • Cardioversion is very straightforward I feel I have had more cardioversions than hot dinners all of which were successful. The last one I had was Christmas Eve- again successful - wonderful feeling afterwards.

    You need to be anticoagulated and as you take rivoraxaban this may be an issue as in my experience the doctors like the security of knowing my INR as I am on Warfarin.

    I wish you all the best.


  • Thanks Pete.x

  • sorry to hear you're having a bad time- hope you feel better soon. Agree with comments about early CV

  • Sorry to hear you are having this worry. Such a hateful condition! There you are minding your own business and a second later, wham AF strikes and you feel rough!

    Trust me there's nothing to having a cardioversion, in fact I love the immediate relief they bring. I go in with AF and wake back in sinus rhythm, it really is the most simple procedure and once you have it done you'll never be worried to have another and will actually look forward to one. I can't say I'd fancy having one without a general anaesthetic, but if it was a quick shock and I could be in sinus rhythm immediately, I know I'd even go for that.

    Please let us know how you get on.


  • Thanks Jean ... Think I will be going for back up to 135...sob. X x

  • Put your phone on record whilst they do it, it's very funny to listen to afterwards.

  • Haha good idea x

  • Poor you:( over Christmas especially and your mum's anniversary. If your heart rate has been so high for a week, I would go to A and E for sure. You must feel completely lousy. I am sitting here now with my kids and my fecking ticker is boogying away inside my chest...out of rhythm much like my own boogying lol. Mine never lasts a week though, just hours at a time and then I get a wee break. Such an annoying condition isn't it! sending you positive thoughts and just think how amazing and calm you will feel once in a NSR again:) Gosh I used to take NSR for granted sooo much when I didn't even know NSR existed lol xxxxx

  • Haha Yep nsr...AF...CV and so many other joyous things we have learnt...grrr !!! Thanks Vony x

  • No wonder you feel terrible. You do need to be on blood thinners before the cardio-version, but going through the CV is quick and painless (except you may find the adhesive from the pads takes some work to get off). Quick anesthesia to put you to sleep and you are awake before you know it. I've had it done 3 times. There is just no reason to live with AF if you are symptomatic. You just need to be sure to be on the blood thinners long enough beforehand so they can do their job. Good luck!

  • Yep I have been on rivoroxaban for 6 months now. Plus won't eat anything now... If I do have to go I want to be in and out asap!!! X o x

  • Update.

    Well I was taking to my mums photo today begging her to help me get into rhythm (its her anniversary today since she passed away) . I nearly fell off the bed....seriously... I went back to nsr 68bpm TWICE. First low hr and normal reading for a week. But slowly over the day I've crept up again and I'm bloody 137bpm now. Soooo fed up now. So looks like the cardio version later. I've just taken 240 diltzapan as my PIP fingers now loosely crossed. I have converted with this before after 8 days so I'm clinging on to that. But I'm quite dizzy this time so more worried

    I'm eating a sandwich now and will have nothing more...can anyone suggest a good time to go to A&e if needed...I guess its pointless now and everyone will be going home x

    Thanks everyone x o x

  • Most staff are on 12 hour shifts until 8 or so, but will probably want 4 hours from last food so go whenever you're ready

  • Yes, just go when you can. No reason to wait, except for having nothing in your stomach (4 hours should do it). Good luck.

  • hi no doubts about having cardio version put me right immediately

    I had persistent AF/ heart rate reach 212 (no kidding) after several months of drugs etc I had 3 cardioversions 2 ablations before sinus rhythm was stable, then all of a sudden in November I went into AF (no reason just decided to do it) after having no trouble for 6 years

    I was taken to addenbrookes, cardio verted back into rhythm and sent home 4 hours later

    Cardio version doesn't work for some but it certainly makes you feel better if it does

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