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Serious question for my Cardio

Hi all, am really grateful for this forum and all the advice it gives, one thing that always bothers me is how fast and high everyones heartbeat tends to go (100+), mine never achieves more than 90, which, according to all sourses is quite normal, my resting HB is always between 55 and 65. I am going to ask my cardio for a re apraisal as someone mentioned to me that I seem to have an irregular heart beat brought on by over indulging in alcolhol, spicy food and strenous exercise (not all at the same time !!), rather than Afib, I need my cardio to give me some answers, also as mentioned before when I take (as prescribed) Flecainide my heart beat gets worse !!

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Sounds like a plan to me. AF shows quite distinctly on an ECG so it you have had it recorded that is what you have. AF does not come in a one size fits all package and whilst some people have fast AF you can also have slow AF where the chaotic heart rate is slow rather than fast. The sad thing is that many anti-arrhythmic drugs actually can cause arrhythmias so what you report is quite possible. Read as much as you can so you can have a sensible discussion with your cardio.



I had the same issue here , even when I was in AF I never had pulse rate more than 110 , and BP not more than 130 but it is AF clearly in the ECG

That is why I'm struggling with my rhythm control medication which supposed to make the heart rate more slow , bisoprolol suit me well but for sometime without lowering my BP , and Flecainide made me worse

I believe that everyone knows his body more than any doctor , so discuss those points with your doctor , and hope you will find the treatment tailored for your unique case


Mine is fast... Consistently at around 170 but I've heard of worse! Who knew the heart could do that? Everyone is different, so have a good discussion with your cardio about what you are experiencing. Good luck!


I have the same, my heart rate doesn't go very fast,just out of rhythm. I take 1.5 Bisoprolol and only take flecainide when I have an AF. I don't take warfarin, I don't like the idea. I looked on the Internet for natural blood thinners and take those. I tripped over a kerb the other week and hit my cheek hard and badly bruised my hand, thank goodness I wasn't taking warfarin. I have had this on and off for 35 years.. I would definitely take a prescribed blood thinner if I had the fast heart rate variety of AF.


I have a slow and fast heart rate, so for the slow I had a pacemaker implanted and for the fast am now on bisporolol and digoxin.

My heart rate would go as low as 24 beats and then go up to 200, this had gone on for years but the first cardi didn't bother to do anything. Only when I got admitted to hospital for another condition did they finally do something about it !! My rate now will not go lower that 60 and last week was told that I haven't had and tachybrady episodes since the new medication, thank God !


Hi. Your post was interesting for me Miss L. My GP recommended a dose of 1.25 bisoprolol to slow my heart rate down. from around 120 when in A.F. but then told me to stop taking it as my pulse rate can also go down quite low even when in A.F. and I also have a first degree heart block which slows conduction through the sinus node to a small extent. I now have to see a cardiologist for advice on how to be treated. I am guessing I could be recommended the same as you. I didn't realise this was an option so I now feel encouraged. Thank you.


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