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Converted 2 weeks after Ablation

I had a Ablation 2 weeks ago a 6 hr procedure but was still in AF.My heart rate wouldn't come down from 159bpm so I was put on Amiodrone.On Monday my heart converted from 108bpm down to 51bpm.I felt awful it was a very scary thing to happen and I feel very rough.My Bisoprolol has been cut down from 10mg to 5mg but I have to stay on the Amiodrone abit longer.I always read about how great people feel after Ablation am I the only one who hasn't felt to good after.

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I think people who don't do too well maybe keep quiet sometimes as they don't feel ready or able to put a bad experience in writing, so don't feel you are on your own.

Sounds like you have had a really difficult time. I do hope you might start to improve a little bit. It must be good to have a better heart rate.


Your are not alone. My first sent me into a rapid rate of 220 bpm AF with BP 210/170 and I had intravenous amiodarone for 24 hours. Didn't put me off ablation and I had two more before getting rid of the AF six years ago. Hang in there it will get better.



Two weeks is very soon, it took at least 6 weeks for me to feel anything like normal and after one of them I had to have a cardioversion



You are not at all alone... they have been routing about in there fairly abruptly so although I don't like to use the word "normal", in terms of reactions, we could at least say, it has been irritated! I had a rough time after mine and I am headed back in for my third mid August. Be of good courage, all is not lost! Hope the meds give you better relief until things settle down. Take good care.


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