Ablation + 4 weeks

Just thought I'd update you all. This week-end I did 4 hours in the garden with some digging and weeding and plating and I was not wiped out! I am back working and life as a whole just feels so much more manageable, I haven't felt like this for 10 years. I had forgotten how 'normal' feels, I got so used to feeling crap all the time. I am having a douvet afternoon this afternoon after working this morning as I have streaming, and do mean streaming, cold but even that hasn't left me exhausted.

Apart from the very minor episodes at 2 weeks I have only had 1 bad day which I think was caused by me over exercising, I did an hour of Pilates/yoga and I rather think it was some of the postures which irritated my heart because I started throwing ectopics which made me feel bad. I went back to resting again and it sorted itself out in 48 hours.

Ablation seems to have worked and although still cautious about getting my hopes up that this will be long term, feeling hopeful again.

Life just feels more doable and much less overwhelming, it feels much better than after the first ablation. Just wanted those contemplating ablation to know, this feels good! The test will come when I stop the meds, but after last time I am not even going to think about that until 8 weeks.

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  • I'm really pleased to hear that! That's great for you. I'm so glad the ablation seems to have worked so well, but don't forget you need to take it a bit easy for three months :)

    PS I cut the grass at the weekend and was totally knackered! But then, why did I ever think a lawn on a hill was a good idea? I fear I'm going to have to take up weight-lifting to get myself ready for the rest of the gardening...


  • Brilliant news CD. My first ablation kept me clear for 8 years, in fact I'm probably still clear of AF 10 years on but something else happening now but under control again. Koll

  • That's great hear! May you continue to take ill steps to recovery, it's the simple things in life isn't it? I'm hoping when I have my pvi ablation that I can enjoy a potter in the garden or even a nice stroll along the canal with the kids in tow just like I used too, if I did that now I'd be in bed for a week! It's reading posts like yours that give me great hope.

    I wish you well, small steps remember, let your heart heal.... Take care :-)

  • Dam auto correct, that should say little steps not ill ones! Lol

  • I got you 4charl I hate that autocorrect!

    Thanks for all your good wishes and I posted because we hear so much about the down side and I found it helpful to hear of others experiences when things go well so hope this will inspire others to go for it. I know I am I incredibly lucky and there are lots of people out there waiting, and to those people - I do hope you get yours soon. xx

  • Greta news CD, I'm coming up to six years since my third ablation and whilst no AF I still get odd runs of tachycardia and ectopics but that is par for the course. Keep positive and do take care not to overdo things.


  • I am so pleased for you and thanks for updating. As one who is likely to be having ablation in the next year it does me good to hear positive feedback. When I first started on this forum I read nothing but good things about ablation but more recently there have been some disappointing stories so now I am nervous. Hope you keep well. X

  • Thanks, yes I noticed that and the actual ablation had its problems as evidently the physiology of my heart is challenging and it is still an invasive procedure with some risk. After the first one I had sort of lost hope because I felt so much much worse but am delighted that now really starting to notice the difference. I think we sometimes forget to post about the good things! Hope it goes well with you for your ablation.

  • very good news and encouraging too!

  • Good news. Glad to read about your progress. It is very reassuring as my own ablation date gets nearer and I get more nervous. Please keep updating us

  • Great. Long may it continue. Mine was in November and looking good. 3 cheers for ablation and NSR.

  • Great news CD, it's funny how we forget how good life used to be before AF when we are in the throes of an episode so when we get a successful ablation it seems such a relief to be able to plan a day out without worrying.

    Take it steadily and enjoy the calm.

  • Good to hear you are feeling so much better. It's so lovely to have energy again isn't it. Mind you don't overdo it though and not too much digging until your heart has completely healed. Take care.

  • Thank you for all your good wishes, yes it is so wonderful to feel energy again, I am trying to pace myself, not known for that! Yes, appreciation for ablation INR - HuRRAH!

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