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2 year anniversary

I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my first and only attack of this nasty condition. I was severely dehydrated and low on magnesium and potassium at the time and was a daily drinker. I was started on Amiodorone in the hospital and continued for 3 months and weaned myself off the nasty drug.

I still live in fear of this happening again. All tests were good and told no heart damage. I scored 14 mets on my treadmill test and told that was excellent for a 52 year old male (now almost 54). I haven't drank a beer since and really miss it but probably won't ever again. I still live with the fear of this and just can't get my head around it and live life like I should. Don't want to sound

Like a wuss and know many people have it much worse. I just want to say thank you for being there for a guy like me.


Rick Long

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It's a big shock when you have a sudden vigorous attack and everyone here will understand how you feel- you seem to have done the right things to prevent recurrence so try and relax. Even if it comes back it might not be as severe- I have found my epsiodes are less vigorous and i do think diet and stopping caffeine have helped.

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Hi Rick and well done on all counts. Try not to let AF rule your life. You have done all the right things and it sounds like your are in good shape. We all try to help each other here and it is good to read a great results from time to time.



Hi Ricklong

You are in good company here, we have all been where you are and do all we can to support each other. Be well and keep up the good work. All will be well you sound like a very together guy.




Thanks for sharing that with us. Takes the carpet from under the feet, doesn't it, and feels slightly unbelievable in retrospect. We all have so much in common and are all so different at the same time. May you continue as you are. Have to say I live a healthier life thanks to AF!


Rick I too am now 54 and coincidentally also coming up to the two year mark since my nasty episode. June 28th 2012 was the date of mine, it was a very hot day, I was dehydrated and took a big swig of an icy drink(non alcoholic) which started it all off. Heart jumping all over the place,thought it would burst out of my chest! Luckily for me, mine was only 90 mins long and I converted without intervention before the ambulance got me to hospital.

I'm on no drugs but like you I also feel it's determining my life now.

After lots of reading up on it since, I decided to take plenty of supplements including magnesium and potassium.

Now the hot weather is here again I'm making sure I'm well hydrated but never drink very cold drinks or have ice any more. I was scared of drinking alcohol or coffee at one point as I was frightened of setting it off. I do drink wine and coffee again now but even though I think I'm fine with them, I only have them in moderation just in case.

You may never have another attack and that's a fact.

Hold that thought.



If you are taking potassium, I hope you are aware that potassium affected heart either way. It is dangerous if you have too much and also if your levels are too low. Please be careful



A potassium supplement, single dose, is not a cause for concern or about to create a dangerous situation. It could help if one is deficient though. Sachets of electrolytes from a health store are handy too for putting in drinking water if exercising or on a hot day. If anyone is off on a hot sunny holiday those sachets are handy to take with you, a little bit of all the important minerals in them.


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I agree with Eileen- I was told NOT to take a potassium supplement,( by hospital) even though my potassium has been low when in AF- rather to take food with potassium in it, to avoid danger of to much potassium which also causes arrhythmias


Thanks Pat and to everyone else for the quick response.

Sure makes a guy feel better. I guess we just gotta live life.

Thanks for everything.


Hi Rick, we sure do just have to live life, that's the truth, whether we get AF once in a blue moon or every day... I just try not to think about it, otherwise I'd be living in fear and I don't want that. It's a condition I have and do you know, I think I am probably doing myself favours in other ways by living more healthily because of it. It is a wake-up call for sure, and hopefully one that will be positive in the long term.



Well done this is such a great site can't tell you how much it has helped me everyone is so supportive and wanting the best for each other you have done marvellous best wishes to you karen


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