Ablation update

Had the ablation yesterday, only took just under 3 hours which was good. I have to be honest, it was pretty grim, I think I reacted to something because at one stage I just felt dizzy nauseous and wanted to get away from it. However 24 hours on I feel fine, sore in the groin area and a bit tired, but no AF as yet, slight indigestion feeling but minor. I did bleed a lot through the groin incisions because of the warfarin I guess but firm pressure from the nurses sorted that! The difficulty will be remembering I have had surgery and not try to do too much too soon. Looking forward to a shower in 48 hours! Back to see the consultant in 3 months so guess he thinks it went well too. Just the breast lump to sort and I will be fit as a fiddle hopefully.

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  • Very best wishes for a trouble free recovery. Do take it easy.

  • Now you need to rest A LOT! take it easy, no lifting. no ironing or washing up or cooking.or housework.


  • Glad you are OK now. Yes, have an easy time, then get the lump sorted and make the most of another excuse to not do too much! All the best!

  • It's good to hear that your ablation went well. You just have to rest now and pick up slowly. After my first ablation I had a shower the morning after the procedure. I must admit I can't remember whether I actually asked anyone if I could. I bent down and washed and dried my feet and then when I was discharged I was given a note saying no bending for a period of time. I was a bit like Bob said he was after his first ablation very naive and thinking I was going home and would be running up mountains the next day. What a shock when I couldn't, but I knew absolutely nothing about how I was going to be affected by the procedure other that what I'd read that someone had ran up a mountain a few days later.

    Thank goodness for this forum, wish it had been around then.

  • good to hear all went well,

    Good luck with the lump too!

  • Good luck with your recovery. Remember to rest and not overdue things. Good luck with the lump also. Wishing you good health.

  • Well done ! Get well soon !

  • Well done, good luck with your lumpectomy, take care and look after yourself.

  • So glad all ok I had mine on Wednesday and at first reacted to the anaesthetic but fine now. Everyone says take it easy which is very good advise.

  • Best wishes to you and hope all keeps going well. Take it easy though!

  • So glad all went according to plan. Take it easy and hope the lumpectomy goes ok.

    Take care.

  • Ain't it wonderful! Normal Sinus Rhythm! Baby yourself for the first month. Sleep in late, ignore the chores, don't answer the phone and best of all - don't feel guilty about any of it.

    It takes a good while for the groin area to stop feeling sore. I also had tightness in the chest, but after a month most of that eased up.

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