Have seen an E.P. to day at last!

Finally feel that someone is taking control. He explained that when you have an e.c.g. when in A.F. the computer can't cope and throws up all sorts of errors such as showing long Q.T. syndrome. So I'm not going to die suddenly after all! He wants me to try flecanide and if I don't get on with it or it doesn't work , he advises ablation. Has anyone got any advice 're taking of flecanide. I must admit to being nervous about taking it but feel I have to give it a go. A last I feel as if Im on some kind of a pathway.

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  • Gad you feel that things are moving forward at last. Sorry I can't comment on Flec as I only ever had it as pill in pocket years ago before switching to propafanone. All drugs have some side effects so it is a matter of trying different ones till you find one which suits you Good luck,


  • Thanks Bob. I Will just take it and hope for the best I guess.

  • I found flec did not work for me at all but I know of many that are fine with it.You just have to give anything a try really! All the best! Sandra

  • Thanks Sandra .E.P. did warn me that only 1 in 3 people have a good result with them. Do you mind me asking what you take instead?'x

  • I just take whatever my consultant suggests and I never worry about dying ever. Pointless. You could be in a traffic accident more likely. I am never going to come off drugs tho a lot better after three ablations, and never ever coming off anti coags. I have a full time and a part time job and I have just been to Uganda. Oh and I have copd. Just look forward to life and do whatever is n ecessary to live to the full with the condition.

  • Oh and I take flecanide. My gp is uncomplimentary about it but it doesn't seem to affect me in any negative way.

  • Sounds like good advice .I couldn't agree more with the sentiments I am happy to take whatever is necessary as long as it works ! X

  • Hi again Lizwright.I have just realised that you are the lady with 11 horses. I too have had horses for about 30 years. Gave up 2 years ago when I retired and moved area. All the horses had died of old age or other illnesses except my young dressage horse which I gave to my friend and now I enjoy watching her doing well in competitions. Horses are very therapeutic I think. It's hard to dwell on your own problems when you have 11 horses depending on you. I guess that's why they are used to help disaffected teenagers and disabled people.x

  • Hi dedottie, I've been on Flecanide for three years and it's kept me in snr except for three breakthroughs. An EP recommended it also cardioversion before an ablation. I seem to cope ok with no side effects which is really exceptional for me as I react to most heart drugs. I'm trying aprovel at the moment and crossing my fingers. I do hope it works for you. Good luck. Teresa

  • Hi, I take Flecainide, 100mg twice a day. Few side effects other chest tightness on occasion but that could be down to the AF. Been taking it since July this year. So far so good. I did not want to take it but can't deal with the severity of AFib attacks. Best wishes. Dee.

  • i was tried on Flec years ago, after a cardioversion, neither worked so ended up on sotalol, that doesnt stop AF either, well not for me anyway. Amiodarone was the only drug that stopped AF in its tracks, but was taken off of that after an AF breakthrough. Now on Bispoprolol and thats no different for me tahn Sotalol, ie it dont stop AF.

  • Thanks all for your posts. I will let you all know how it goes. X

  • I was put on Flecainide 10 years ago for AF, and it gave me palpitations. Only took it for a few days. Tried it again a few weeks ago, same result. Low dose little effect but not bad, higher dose I got the dreaded palps.

    Propafenone works on me a treat but eventually makes my memory poorer than it already is. At least I think is does, can't remember :-)

    Had an ablation 8 years ago to get off the Prop, and it worked a treat for 8 years, AF or something is coming back now, so probably another ablation on the cards, I hope.

    Good luck


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