E.P. appointment 're return of A.F.

Further to my recent posts about the return of A.F. following ablation. I have to come off the flecanide again and wear an event monitor for two weeks. Apparently it is a state of the art monitor from America. It gets glued on and doesn't come off even in the shower. We shall see!

If A.F. is recorded I will ultimately have a second ablation. If it is lots of ectopic he said we would have to think again whatever that means. I sure as he'll couldn't put up with it even if they were ectopic so I hope there's something they can do!

I am pretty sure it is A.F.

I'm not looking forward to coming off the flecanide. Oh well, back on the roller coaster.

Have a good night everyone.x

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  • Dear dediottie, sorry to hear your news and that it's not long before things improve for you. Would be interested to hear more about the monitor you are fitted with.

    Take care and wishing you well.

  • I have it fitted next week so more info then.x

  • Good luck next week. Hope you are okay, this AF is a strange condition - or so it seems the longer I live with it!

  • Two weeks! I hope the monitor is itch free while it is singing and dancing and recording whatever's going on. Should be revealing though.

    All the best! x

  • Apparently the secret is all in the glue they use. It is essentially a patch. I can't wait!

  • Two weeks into 60-day cardiac monitor, trying not to drop in toilet during the night!. Glued on sounds awesome :)

  • I also have a long term monitor implanted, actually under the skin. There is a monitor to attach to my clothing, and another at home to send details of an attack straight to hospital. Also made in America, it is called an "implantable loop recorder".

  • Dave49, they have mentioned this monitor to me as an option. How has it been for you? I'm a bit nervous about something "implanted!"

  • Hi cdetera can barely see where it is. Only about an inch long, flat , 15 to 20 minutes with local anaesthetic and no pain. Then all is up to you. I'm happy with it, no wires etc. Good luck.

  • It's interesting that you are unsure whether or not your current Arrythmia is AF. I was in exactly that position post-ablation. It has now been established that mine is a mild AF, not pleasant but not totally debilitating. A 50 pip Flecainide stops it for now. I hope that it will continue to work as a second ablation is not an option for me due to fibrosis.

    Good luck with the monitor. I hope it isn't itchy as memories of sticky pads and summer temperatures aren't pleasant!

  • I agree runs of ectopics are very distressing, hope they can be treated.

  • I am almost finished with my 14 day monitor. Not itchy. I change the pads every other day. Carry the transmitter like a cell phone on my belt/ pan ts waistband when out and about. It lays on the table when home. I had my second ablation in February. While wearing the monitor I have had two episodes of afib lasting a few hours each. Looking forward to going back on drugs to control this. Started taking supplemental magnesium hoping it helps. After the bouts of afib, I am extremely tired for 24 hours. My last ablation was extensive and dont want another even if its an option.

  • Hi dediottie...I hope this monitor gives you answers and a clear path to feeling better. I had that monitor after my ablation, and it actually does stay on really well. Good luck to you!

  • Sorry to hear things are not good right now and hope they find the source and get you back on track.


  • I'm so disappointed for you,I'm waiting to have what I'm lead to believe is a 48 hour box and I'm having flutters nearly every day on and off.I think we had our ablations more or less the same time in March. I really hope for a positive outcome for you,try not to let it get you down,easier said than done,I know.Take care.

  • Yes you are right. I had mine in February. Fingers crossed for both of us. Was it your first ablation? X

  • Yes it was my first,and yes,fingers,toes and whatever else we can cross😁x

  • Good luck. Hope they get you sorted out x

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