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Update on my Ablation day at LH&CH


What a strange up and down day this as been. Let me explain, I went to the hospital today at the appointed time had all the necessary checks and details taken...everything was fine. I hadn't eaten for for an eternity (well it felt like that) I was taken to my room given some of the sexiest paper pants to put on I have ever seen (not) I sat and waited to see the Dr scheduled to do the Ablation when the Dr arrived we had a chat about my AF about my ECG on my pre-admission appointment. It seems I was in AF at that appointment and today I still am. I myself suspected that I had slipped into persistent AF some eight weeks ago. The Dr did confirm that is the case. Although my heart rate is low (ish at about mid sixties resting. Anyway, my condition was discussed at some length and the fact I don't suffer from any symptoms in relation to the AF, breathlessness, fatigue, pain, dizziness etc I am anti coagulated and I am able to carry on with my life relatively normally. it was decided that the risks associated with the condition far out weighed the benefits I would gain from going through with the Ablation today. So the decision is I will have a 24 hr monitor and a further appointment in three months time. I really don't know how I feel about today, I suppose I really should be pleased that the Dr doesn't feel it is necessary at this time to expose myself to the risks of Ablation for no gain apart from being back into NSR (maybe) and to be honest I don't disagree with the decision. I really don't know how I should feel about it...its like going to the poolside and not jumping in, I do feel quite deflated and almost its all an anti-climax. Thanks to everyone for responding and helping me through this day.

Kind regards


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Well Roy, how very strange to put you through all that and then decide not to go ahead . Makes you wonder what's going on behind the scenes !

I think you ought to be thankful that you haven't had to go through with it if its not strictly necessary. All the same I think I may have been a tad annoyed in your position .

Keep well


Yes, I agree. All that build up only to be sent home again! And there we were thinking of you and all you did was to get dressed up with nowhere to go.

It's a bit worrying that all the risks are perceived as being so significant.

Well, onwards and upwards.

Its a shame that all that couldnt have been established without you having all the stress and build up to an ablation. However, if your symptoms are not troubleing you and if you are already in persistent A.F. and given your perfectly acceptable heartrate, I would agree that the risks ( no matter how small ) probably outweigh any benefits. Still a very distressing day for you. X

Wow. At least you got to wear those sexy pants!

The Different messages you get from the medical fraternity is confusing sometimes. I am just a paroxysmal afibber, but I asked the Dr specifically if he would recommend I had the ablation, and he said an extremely firm 'yes', justifying his position by saying they are trying to catch people early as success later when in perminent AFib, or after the heart has changed shape, is much lower. Hopefully they will find another helpful solution for you. Good luck and hope you come out of AFib soon.

Roy. Strange how that ended up. A few thoughts.

I would ask why not a 7 day monitor or at least a 72 hour or if not a 48 hour one since I was told 24 hour ones are often not representative.

As you know I am in persistent AF and have been for aT least 21 months, probably longer. I am due some more tests next month. If I haven't remembered to contact you by the end of June then please drop me a message and I'll update you and share info.

My own feeling would be just because you aren't suffering problems because of AF yet that doesn't mean you won't later. And HR in the 60s is actually quite high - should really be in the 50s if you are fit.

I really suspect this cancellation may have been influenced by the cost.

I have to disagree with you: a heart rate in the 60s is normal.

Cost is unlikely to be the issue as the cath lab slot was booked and the team standing by.

It's only become normal because we are all so unfit nowadays. Look at numbers from Victorian times and 50 to 55 resting was the norm.

Yes, I agree – like "normal" weight and clothes sizes. But normal is a range and in modern times it certainly includes up to 75 for men and 85 for women.

Perhaps they will want to try a cardioversion first?

Strange as one would assume that as your appointment was for an ablation an entire medical team would have been assembled ready for that purpose, although it was probably a scheduled day for a number of similar procedures.

What's interesting is the term 'it was decided'. Were you offered a choice, or was there specific advice from the EP against the procedure? I had my second ablation 2 weeks ago and whilst my EP felt confident about the outcomes, with the usual reservations including risk, the choice was still mine to make.

Best wishes.

At the end of the day the person undertaking a surgical procedure has the right (and duty) not to go ahead with it if he/she does not feel it is correct.

I think RoyM is fortunate that the EP reassessed the situation and made this (IMHO wise) decision.

I couldn't agree more with you. I was guided by my EP I would be silly not to. He said my advice is not today and I agreed. I will see him in 3 months to be assessed again. I am glad I have someone I can trust. Thanks for your reply. Roy

Crikey! What a strange time for you!

Well, I am sure they know what is best as they are the experts, and as everyone has said, you don't want to have what is an invasive procedure if you don't have to. On a lighter note, very jealous you were even given the sexy paper pants as I was just instructed to take my knickers off as I clambered rather inelegantly onto the extremely uncomfortable cath lab table! Mind you I do live in Brighton!

Hope you stay well



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