Pre op

Well, that's my pre op completed. Bloods, ECG, X-ray, INR at 2.5 and chat with the arrhythmia nurse. Everythings in order. I'm an ideal candidate for ablation apparently! I don't stop taking the warfarin at all which surprised me.

The Consultant will want me to stay on Warfarin after the procedure, which I am very pleased about. They are going to do the TOE just prior to the procedure and it's going to be sedation rather than a GA, as long as I'm not awake I dont care!!

I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I'm looking forward to being able to drive again and being able to go for long walks across the beach on my own.... Mike has been wonderful, driving me wherever I needed to go and walking with me everywhere, but I miss my independence and hate having to plan when and wherever I go. So fingers crossed AF friends, fingers firmly crossed x

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  • Good luck and great to read you so positive. Hope to see you in July fully fit again.


  • Hi MammaCass,Good luck with the ablation it,s really nothing much to worry about just remember to take it easy for a while afterwards.let us know how you get on,, Graham

  • Good luck! Hope (and expect) you'll find a couple of hours or so have passed without you even noticing - and you'll surface with a well behaved heart!

  • Good luck MammaCass. Will look forward to hearing how your ablation went. Jean X

  • All the very best, it will be suprisingly over before you know it! Let us know how you do when you are ready!

  • I'm really excited for you and can't wait to hear how you get on as all your details are the same as mine! I have just gone on the list so probably have ages to wait. Good luck x

  • Thank you everyone for your good wishes, I'll let you know how I get on x

  • Good luck MammaCass. Had GA and sedation, both were fine, time flies by whichever way. Koll

  • All the best we are all thinking of you.


  • Good luck,take care and let us know how you are when you recover

    best wishes


  • Good will be over before you know it!!! You must take it easy to recover. Ann

  • Good luck. Take care, rest up afterwards and please post here to let us all know how you feel. I was interested to read you are not stopping the warfarin. I gave my ablation booked for early July and was concerned about what meds I have to stop/take. I guess I will find out at my assessment. Once again wishing you good results and plenty if ling beach walks x

  • Good luck.

  • Good luck Mama Cass and look forward to hearing how you got on x sann

  • Firmly, firmly crossed for you MammaCass and a little prayer into the bargain. Good Luck.

  • Hope all goes well for you. A wee prayer will be said. Regards, Patricia.

  • Best of luck, MammaCass. I quite wish I could have an ablation, but the cardio told me last month that I'm too old now. As I was diagnosed in 1997, I wonder whether it would have been possible then. As it was never mentioned, I guess they weren't that worried about me. I'm sure you'll be fine, and of course, you'll keep us posted.


  • I have to say you don't look too old. X

  • I heard that 82 was the cut off, you certainly don't look 82 Jan!!!!!

  • Well thank you both!! That photo was taken two years ago, and I'm now 72. I don't know why the cardio said I was too old then. Maybe other conditions like diabetes, and dermatomyositis (in remission for a decade or more) have a bearing. I try to keep fit with line dancing, but find I haven't much energy these days, probably due to the meds, (bisoprolol, warfarin, statin etc.) Thinking of you, MammaCass.

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