Pre-ablation checkup

Well that was an exciting day!!! I've learned quite a bit today

All the tests were completed, ECG, bloods, bp, temp, weight, height, the various pulses and of course listening to my heart and chest. Then into see the arrhythmia nurse, my anxiety about my INR was all for nothing, I explained to her about the gp's messing me about with the dosage of warfarin and she promptly got hold of the consultant and he said I was to go back on rivoroxaban as recent studies have shown it is more effective than warfarin. yippee !!! I hate warfarin, I hate the chemical tang all my food tastes of when I'm taking it, I hate how it thins my hair and I hate having to go to the gp's surgery every week!!!

She also explained that along with touching up my previous ablation to ensure that any new pathways were sealed off they would be doing an EP study as I have developed SVT so they are going to give me drugs to "make it all happen" and take a 3D map of it all to find out where the rogue impulses are originating from and if the aren't too near the nodes zap them there and then, but if the are too near we have to talk about totally zapping them and having a pacemaker but that will be at a later date. I'm feeling very confident having spoken with her that whatever they discover, something can be done to give me back my quality of life. So roll on the 28th, I am sooooo ready for you !!!

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  • Well done. you will be fit and hearty for the next lunch then

  • I certainly will Bob, do we have a date yet?

  • So glad to hear you've been able to swap from Warfarin. I'd been feeling really guilty hearing your troubles as I didn't need to stop taking Rivaroxaban for my touch up ablation last month. I had a 3D map done - a large number of cold stickers! Apart from an initial wobble a few days afterwards, I have been just fine and really pleased to have it behind me. All the best for the 28th.

  • thanks Relliam, I'm just to grateful to be living in a day and age when something can be done to cage this mongrel condition

  • Me too. How lucky we are.

  • We re thinking of you and wish you all the best. Glad you're on rivaroxaban instead of warfarin. Much less bother. Take care. J and R

  • Thanks Jan, hope you and the family are all well x

  • Good luck MammaCass. I'll be thinking of you. You set a great example to us all with your positive attitude. Anne

  • Thank you Anne, with all the support and good wishes we get from this site it's not hard to be positive and without trying to sound like Pollyanna (Anne of Green Gables for those who are not of a certain age) there is soooo much to be grateful for

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