Bump bump and normal bump!!!!

Bump bump and normal bump!!!!

Hi everyone

I'm sacred to be too optimistic ....BUT...I have been in nsr 70bpm for FOUR hours now Aarghhh I'm soooo happy.

Its has been a very long 10 days in fast AF 130bpm...my longest ever episode and I've been so lucky to be 7 months AF free prior to this but its taught me that my ablation needs to be done asap. I cancelled the procedure in July as was too scared. Got some brilliant advice off of here as usual and thank you for all your replies and messages in the last few days.

I'm still on edge that it may still be lurking but I think 4 hours is a good sign and fingers crossed it will stay that way till I can start Drondarone as soon as I see Dr Fay and reschedule my ablation.

So time to get healthy again...I look and feel like I've been hit by a truck. In fact my lovely father informed me that I look like that famous painting...The Scream .. Haha!!!

Love to all x x x

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  • So glad to hear that Booboo. It has been a bit of a trial for you but well done for keeping your sanity. You are learning! I'm sure Matt will be pleased as well so no more prevaricating on the ablation please.


  • Yes Bob I'm amazed at myself but I've learnt a lot this last year thanks to you and everyone on here. I will send your New Year wishes to Matt when I see him after I rebook my ablation of course!!! X o x

  • Good news I hope it stays in and you get the treatment you need soon.

  • Thank you Richard, no more messing about now I'm gonna skip to the operating table x o x

  • Yay ... such good news. Go girl ... I'm rooting for you that this time you stay in nsr. All the best for your appointment tomorrow xx

  • Thank you so much. I was scared to post straight away after my wobble the other night but its 5 hours now in nsr. Soooo relieved x o x

  • Glad to hear your in nsr again.

    10 days is such a long time.

    Your a trooper.

    Take it easy.for a while. Xx

  • Thank you Gwyn. Yes I'm feeling good. Having a few flutters but I'm sure that's in my head x o x

  • Hooray, thank goodness you're ok now. Such a relief, I've been wondering how you were.


  • Thank you Jean x yes I'm over the moon and hoping I stay okay until I can start Drondarone tomorrow. X o x

  • Great news BooBoo.....try not to wobble this time .....probably not politically correct, but I think you should consider changing your dad....the Scream looks bald to me, whereas you look gorgeous. (That's me banned from the forum!!)

    Hope you continue to feel well for the rest of 2017 and fix that date with Dr Fay......

  • Haha my Pa has a sick sense of humour ...I do look ill though I'm white as a sheet...need to get a long bath but gonna leave it til.I feel 100%. X o x o

  • BooBoo, I have found the mind body connection is so true this past year. Think positively.

  • What a relief it is to be back in NSR. Long may it stay that way.

    Glad to hear you have opted for the ablation it is successful for the majority.


  • Great news on being back in NSR. I know the fear of going forward with the ablation -- but it will be worth it. Good for you!

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