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Paroxysmal AF, Atrial Flutter and SVT - ablation advice and insurance advice need

Hi all. I am 37 and was diagnosed with paroysmal AF, Atrial Flutter and one episode of SVT in September 2013 after 6 months of palpitations and dizziness (had 24 monitor on for 2 week which picked up the arrythmias). I have no other health problems and Echocardiogram was clear. Was put in bisoprolol 2.5mg once a day which has been great. No side effects and no dizziness - feel the odd palpitations though now and then. Was also put on asprin which I have been badgering my EP to change to Warfarin but after requesting second opinions and seen my own dr and two more cardiologists was told as I was a 0 CHADS score I didn't need it - I am still continuing to fight that decision. I have been very down since being diagnosed but have tried to get my head round things. I have 3 small children and am separated from my husband. I was in doubts about taking on the mortgage with my condition but I bit the bullet and am going through the process of remortgaging. I am worried about getting life insurance / mortgage protection / income protection but have looked on internet and some insurers will do it. What does everyone else do about life insurance / mortgage protection / income protection? Who have you got cover with? I;m worried that if something happens and I cannot work, I will lose my house. Also I have been offered an ablation for my SVT which my EP says should 99% cure get rid. Has anyone else had an ablation for SVT? I'm very nervous. Never had an operation before. Any advice on anything would be appreciated (sorry for the long message)

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Hello Millie and welcome. I can't give you much advice about insurance other than to say avoid any computerised applications. I tried some years ago at my Bank to sort out some life insurance etc when we took out a new mortgage and they wouldn't cover me. The problem was that as soon as the box under "heart" got tricked the damned machine went tilt and refused to continue. . I should have asked them to try a different route but since the mortgage was in joint names and my wife was still working she took the prime role.

Regarding ablation, please note this is a procedure not an operation and it really isn't anything to worry about. Of course they tell you all the things which could go wrong but that is only so you don't sue them if it did.. LOL By the way I have yet to meet anybody who says they wished they hadn't had an ablation.

Sorry I haven't anything else to offer but I am sure there will be others with maybe better advice.



Hi Millie

I'm not a qualified insurance advisor, but I doubt that you will have too many problems, AF is not fatal nor does is shorten lives, so from the risk perspective I suspect that with some life insurers there might not even be a loading. But expect at least a mini medical every application, they will want to check that there is nothing else lurking I suspect. Income protection may be harder to underwrite.

Never had an ablation so really can't comment, but people here seem to say that ablation for SVT is often very successful, so understand what your EP is saying. And congrats by the way for getting in front of an EP well done.

Good luck, be well and keep us informed.



I had two ablations , first one to treat atrial flutter 9 months ago then the second before a forty days and both were successful thank god, just you need to relax and take good recovery.

Just like Bob said ablation is a procedure and it is easier than what we usually think .

That is what I can help you with , wish you all the best



Hi Millie, you are coping with a lot. Everybody on this forum has been through that initial stage of being scared about the thought of being diagnosed with a heart condition, Bob is correct, it is not life threatening although it feels as though it is.

My suggestion would be same as Bob, knowledge is power so become informed. As for insurance, there are specialist brokers and companies who specialise offering policies with chronic conditions, there are some links on the AFA site. I spoke to one broker at the patients day last year and she was incredibly helpful, they specialise in those with AF.

Ablation is your very best treatment as it it removes all symptoms when it works and has a very high efficacy, up to 95%. It is an overnight procedure, a very small puncture wound and done either under sedation or GA dependant upon the cardiologist doing the procedure and your preferences. I have had 2, first didn't work but 2nd did and I now have no AF or other symptoms and am starting to feel well for this first time in 10 years. An ablation really is no big deal, it is not open heart surgery. But the thought of anyone doing anything to the inside of your heart is worrying until you fully understand more about the condition.

The AFA are incredibly helpful, they have an excellent helpline so ring them if you need specific advice or reassurance.

Hope these responses have helped to reassure you, very best wishes.


I would advise you do your research as far as having an ablation and ensure you do go into it fully understood. I wish I had not just relied on what one cardiologist had said and waited a bit longer. My son was diagnosed with SVT and had an ablation 3 months later as we were told 95% successful. Unfortunately for him it was not successful and his SVT has returned much longer episodes than before ablation. We are not happy to fill his life with meds at the moment as he is only 11 and just started a new school, or rush into another ablation so we are at an impass at the moment.

Having said that there are people of course that 1st ablation worked and they haven't looked back. Good Luck and am sure you will be fine.


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