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Cancelled ablation

Arrived at hospital 7.00am, was gowned up, prepped up, canula in and already to go to theatre, when the doctor who was to carry out the procedure breezed in to say that it was cancelled due to faulty equipment. I have been waiting six months for this so a huge disappointment. He could give me no commitment on when it would now be carried out only that it would not be so long. Pity of it all is that I cancelled our holiday as it coincided with getting the procedure date. Not a good day. Thanks to all who give me their good wishes.

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So sorry to read that. It is a blow to be sure but looking on the bright side, better before he started than have a breakdown of equipment half way through. Be positive and I'm sure it will be soon.



Thanks Bob I will be positive.


Oh, that is just such an enormous let down. However nonchalant we try to be about an ablation, it is a big, huge hurdle and the anticipation mounts with all sorts of sentiments rushing around. The sense of disappointment must be very keen. And a cancelled holiday. And now a wait and uncertainty. You must be at the top of their list, and surely they will do what they can to fit you in soon.


Oh no, how disappointing and what a waste of your time. Such a shame especially when you cancelled your holiday. Mind you, you wouldn't have wanted it done with faulty equipment. I wonder if that was true or whether there was another reason, that they couldn't, say for it being cancelled.


I feel your disappointment. Fingers crossed for a revised date soon.x


sorry to hear this= sure they will call you with a new date soon,

take care


As Bob said thank god it hoppened before they started the procedure

For me I had my second ablation recently , but there was un expected thing during the procedure prevented them from completing it , and here I'm awaiting another one to complete it ;)

I also felt bad and sad in the beginning but now I convinced myself that it is better for me and it us god will :)

Wish you will have a successful procedure soon



Oh dear what a disappointment. Sort of know how you feel as after waiting ages for my last ablation, the AF went away "on the table" and they could not even stimulate it with drugs, so they went inside but did nothing. Of course, my arrhythmia came back with a vengeance a few months later!

Hope you don't have to wait too long for another shot at it.



Oh my, what a shame and what a pity they couldn't tell you before you were actually there and ready for the op! But as Bob says, better than having it break down halfway through... Hopefully now they will have you top of the list and it won't be long, surgeons are like politicians, they never commit to anything, just in case! But hopefully it won't be long.



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