Cancelled Ablation

Yesterday I was due to have my ablation.  I got to the hospital and filled out the Pre-Op forms with the nurses, had a cannula inserted into my arm and had blood taken, then had an ECG, saw the arrhythmia nurse (Who was a lovely lady by the way), then after 10 minutes of waiting to go for a TOE I was told there were no beds.  I was very disappointed, but the Sister did explain the reasons behind it.  They were turning people away most of the morning, so I was half expecting some bad news, but when I had gone as far as having bloods taken etc and seeing my name listed as being in bed 10, I thought I was one of the lucky ones. 

What I am unsure of now is what happens next?  I did ask if they could give me an approx. new date, but they said the admissions people would be in touch.

Has anybody out there had a similar experience and if so how long did it take for you to get another appointment?  I know authorities will differ from one to another and I am in the Leeds area, but I would be interested to see how you were effected.


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  • Oh how I sympathise. That is so cruel. My EP was called away for an emergency so I was given to a different EP. My heart sank when they told me about the change but I was so lucky as he was brilliant.

    I do hope that you are rescheduled quickly.

  • Thanks Jenny.  There was certainly an abundance of EPs.  It must of been a frustrating day for them too.  Just one of those things.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Jason, so sorry to hear of your cancellation, I had my ablation cancelled the day before the procedure.  I can understand a little of your disappointment.  

    Best wishes for the future.


  • Thanks Phyl

  • Hi Jason,

    Sorry to hear this news.  Hopefully it will be resolved quickly for you.

    Best Wishes


  • Cheers Barry 

  • Sorry about that Jason,

    Nearest I came to that was lying prepped on the table, pre -med, all waiting to go then ,someone spotted that a pregnancy test had not been done! despite numerous visits to the loo beforehand, I could not produce on demand so they could not go ahead, had to wait till 8pm to finally go down, and have a different cardio, but it did eventually go ahead so I was lucky, the disappointment can be overwhelming but hopefully you don't need to wait too long! get yourself out in the sun for now and have a nice tan to go down with lol!!

    Be well!


  • Wow, they were still working at 8PM.  I was hoping for the week off work to enjoy the sun, but back to the grind today.  Who knows the next appointment date may be in the middle of a heat wave :)

  • That's a real pain, Jason - so frustrating.  I hope you can get another appointment soon.

  • I can't imagine the  feeling of disappointment. Can you ring the EP's secretary? In my experience they are the one's scheduling the procedures. 

  • Hi Jason,So sorry, same thing happened to me on my first ablation date,

    I was gutted because you prepare yourself mentally,   I had also given the

    house a good clean, but thats another story!  They actually set another

    date for me whilst I was there, so that appeased me. I didnt complain

    because if there isnt a bed whats the point!. I believe I waited a couple

    of weeks so wasnt too bad.  This was at LGI in Leeds, and I must say that

    I have had first class treatment throughout.

    Do hope you dont gave yoo long to wait.

  • Thank you Shirly.  Like you I wasn't going to complain.  The ward doesn't open on a weekend, but due to bed shortages they had to open the ward and admit non Cardio related patients.  These people were obviously in need of a bed more than I was, so I don't begrudge that one second.  You're right about the mental preparation though.  Even though I've had one before I had to get my head around it. 

  • Thanks to everybody that responded.  I've had a call from the admissions team and I'm to have a pre-op on Wednesday and they have squeezed me in Thursday AM.  Cuts it a little fine with my holiday being a week later, but I'll discuss this with the EP.

    Thanks again,


  • Brilliant. In the scheme of things the holiday is a minor aspect. 

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