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Pacemaker-Mediated Tachycardia

I had a RF Ablation last November! All went well although I experienced a few what I call "tremors" since then. I had a check up recently with the cardiologist and Pacemaker Technician. The result was an episode of Pacemaker-Mediated Tachycardia...A pacemaker-mediated tachycardia (PMT) can be defined as any condition in which a pacemaker paces the ventricles at rates that are inappropriately fast. This can be due to (1) a rate response setting that is too sensitive, (2) tracking of atrial noise (such as what may occur with electromagnetic interference), (3) inappropriate pacemaker manipulation with rate response turned on, or (4) tracking of an atrial tachyarrhythmia related to upper rate settings. It never ends (sigh)

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I am waiting for a date after I see cardiologist for a pace and ablate and they did say to me it should get the rate right but will not stop the flutter?


It doesn't stop the flutter but does stop most of the symptoms


I've had PMT show up on my records, and have had most of the above cited as reasons. However, it didn't show up before I developed fast heart rhythms although my pacemaker is set on a sensitive rate response setting.

I was given the explanation that it was a pacemaker derived issue and nothing to do with my heart ! Seemed v.unlikely but I find it hard to argue my case sometimes...these devices are so complicated.



Hi! Thanks for your reply! I'm sorry to hear you have experienced the same thing! Since I posted all has been well with the pacemaker! 😊🙏

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