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Hi can anyone help please? we are hoping to go to Canada in June, for some reason having trouble with insurance, fill all health problems


honest then they turn me down:-( I have put down AF Angina, Arthritis, I have a knee replacement and a hip replacement, not sure if that doing it, was looking so forward to going as our daughter getting married over there, but now feel might not be able to get there :-( Suzy

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I found BUPA was very helpful and covered me when went to New Zealand. I was under 65 and the did say going to America would be more expensive. I think the AFA might know of some companies.

Good luck and hope you enjoy your stay


Give holiday safe.co.uk a try.

I always put loads of research into everything I do these days. After checking every 'Which' recommended insurer for people with health problems, I found 'Holiday Safe' to be the best/cheapest. Mine was an annual worldwide Premier policy incl USA, The Caribbean and Canada. They have just given me another 12 month quote of £43.54!

Good luck.

Explorer insurance will cover you :)


Try All Clear (First Assist)

I found Avanti wiling to insure me whilst waiting for cardioversion, for European travel.

You could also have a look at "moneysavingexpert.co.uk" where Martin Lewis gives travel insurance companies willing to insure certain pre-existing conditions.Best of luck, Mallet-head

I posted a link to a site which specialises in travel insurance for chronic conditions 2 days ago, they covered me when no one else would as I travelling less than 2weeks after ablation.

But the weren't as cheap as HolidaySafe, wish I had known about them a week ago!

I've taken my insurance out online with Avanti , the cost was £300 per annum as I've just got back from the states, the most expensive country for medical care. I've had to declare my A Fib and the fact I had a stroke 5 months ago. I am amazed at the quote for £43 , that is what I was paying before I was diagnosed with this condition , I'm 59 , not that age should make a difference in this PC world !



G'day Suzy,

I use my bank Barclays Travel Pack - I go to Australia - no probs. But even before Barclays I never had a problem getting travel insurance. Prices varied though - but I got covered OK. I only declare conditions I have that I'm being treated for - I never declare conditions that I have had and which no longer give me a problem and for which I'm no longer being treated.

Aussie John

The £43 was a quote I had inviting me to renew my policy, this post spurred me on to ring up to renew it last night. The quote was minus any conditions apparently. Once I had answered their long health questionnaire my quote finished up at £57 with a £100 excess on any A Fib related claim. So, £14 for the A Fib, that's still good. I have paroxysmal A Fib with Flecainide only as a pill in the pocket and on no blood thinner except the aspirin I opt to take myself. Also I've never been hospitalised with it. No other conditions and I'm 54 now.

My husband who has no medical conditions is covered by our Nat West Advantage Gold account but when I rang them to have my A Fib added they said they couldn't cover me at all!

I was on a flight 3 years ago when a steward asked if there were any doctors on board and if so would they make themselves known to the crew. To my amazement there were 3 !! Not sure what happened but all 3 went to the back of the plane for almost an hour. Once they returned to their seats we were told it was a lady passenger and she was ok. What a lucky lady.

Hi fallingtopieces I hope you don't mind me asking you a question nothing to do with insurance you are the same age as myself and I wondered how long ago you were diagnosed and what caused it

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