Ablation finally

Hi everybody I've finally ad my ablation this afternoon and i am back in sinus rhythm

No pain in chest but my groins are very sore and still bleeding as he ad a bit of trouble with the vein on the right hand side which was very painful

I was awake all the way through though not by choice lol

The consultants pretty hopeful he,s cracked it but he said no problem if a 2nd ones needed

I must say it a very strange experience I felt I was watching someone else on the monitors until the pain kicked in to remind me

Anyway I have my fingers crossed I might finally be getting somewhere because I feel a lot better already

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  • That's brilliant. Thank you so much for taking time to let us know how you are getting on. It's hugely helpful for those of us who are dithering about ablation. Very best wishes for your recovery.

  • Sounds good Steve. I had the same but they put me out when they started burning so can't remember that last bit. Although awake, it all seemed to go by so quickly. I kept clear for 8 years after that, no drugs, no nothing, so fingers crossed :-) .


  • Hi, I had an Catheter Ablation on Tuesday and was saw for a few days but feel fine now. I was told that I might need more than one Ablation as mine was persistent AF. I saw in your post that you had just one, was yours non persistent AF.

  • Hi Rainman

    I too ad ad persistant afib and was told I might need more than one ablation , mine took around 6 hours

    I am still very sore on my right groin but I think it's because my vein is smaller for some reason

    I did have quite a few missed beats last night which was a bit worrying but they seem to have gone for now , I hope yours is a sucess and you don't get any missed beats like I did last night it's not good at all I didn't sleep a wink

    Take it easy mate

  • Hello Rainman

    I'm not sure what persistent means means in medical terms. I have seen the word "permanent" used to describe AF that will not react to treatment of any kind. i.e. it is permanent (but not necessarily there all the time).

    All I can say is that I had AF round the clock, even when on a monitor 24/7 the hospital never managed to catch a normal beat. But I don't think I'd had 24/7 AF for more than say a few months. I honestly don't know because I'd never heard of AF at the time, just thought it was too much wine!



  • Good you hear you are doing well Steve- very helpful to hear details and please keep us updated

  • So glad to hear that you are back in sinus rhythm and feeling better already. Please keep us updated with your recovery news.

  • Hi Steve , had my first ablation on Tuesday 25/02/14 and like you the only problem I am having is the post - operative painful right groin where the catheter insertion was done. The bruised areas around my groin and down my thigh are either purple or brown and that's due to been on Warfarin. I have been told it will eventually heal. Good luck and I hope you start to feel the benefit soon mate

  • O K Steve thanks for the update. Now you need to rest and take plenty of time to recover. You may well experience some funnies along the way but you have a good start. We are all cheering for you.


  • Thanks for your kind comments everybody , staying overnight hopefully this hospital food and tea doesn't cause a relapse lol

  • Good morning Steve, hope you have had a good nights sleep and are feeling well this morning. Do take care of yourself over the next few weeks and remember, as Bob said, we will be cheering you on.

    Kindest regards.


  • Hi Steve

    Best wishes

  • Thanks for sharing Steve, as said before it's really helpful to get feedback especially as I am on the countdown to my ablation in 18 weeks time.

  • Always good to hear happy news, Steve. Good to be back in rhythm, isn't it? Stay fit.


  • Great stuff and here's hoping it does the job. I am 4 months post ablation and first 2 months had lots of arrhythmias but all quiet now. Off meds except warfarin. Take it easy, stay well and good luck.

  • Hi everybody am home now , I am still in sinus I didn't sleep much their was bleepers going off everywhere all night

    My heart rate did keep jumping up to 130, 140 still in rhythm but quickly went back to normal

    I saw the doctor before discharge and he was quiet happy with that , my groins still very sore especially on my right side where most of the catheters go but I think that's because apparently I have quite a small vein for some reason and quite surprising to myself I have no heart or chest discomfort

    Anyway home to rest now I'll keep you informed on the off chance it's helpful to anyone

  • Yes please do. No detail is too small!

  • Great news, now that you heal well from the groin wounds and the AF is gone!!!! Take good care, thanks for posting!

  • So pleased it went well for you. I had an ablation Monday but not ready to tell my tale yet. Suppose we need to know downs as well as ups. You take car and rest.

    Gill xxx

  • Hi , I've just been woken by my first bout of irregular beats after my ablation it's a bit worrying and annoying am just hoping they ease off soon , can't sleep now

  • Hope things are settling down for you Steve and that the post op blips and beats aren't too alarming. As someone else said earlier it is really helpful to hear from people who have gone down the ablation route, particularly if, like me, you seem to be heading that way and weighing up the options.

  • Hi quick update after ablation for those deciding whether or not to have one done , my bruising on my groins getting better although still a lump on my right side which was the main entry point

    I've ad no chest pain at all but I am getting quite a few spells of missed beats and all sorts of things which isn't very nice but hopefully that settles down

    Overall I am improving and slowly feeling abit better although still easily tired and sleeping a lot

  • My ablation is in less than two weeks so good to hear there is improvement. Hard I imagine to think long term but certainly any improvement so far is good! Take care

  • Hi iris

    Am sure you'll be fine I think the worst part is actually waiting for the ablation to come round

    On the day I surprisingly wasn't nervous or anything

    Best wishes and good luck

  • Glad you are recovering from your surgery Steve. I'm interested to know how it was that you and others were offered ablation. I've had AF for over 5 years now. Had two electro cardioversions, Failed after a few days, a course of amiodarone also failed. Now the medics have gone for rate control so I'm on warfarin, bisoprolol and losartin (was ramipril) My GP has said that ablation is not a suitable treatment for permanent AF but I have read of this Consultant a Mr. Jonathan Hyde who offers "Minimally Invasive Surgical Ablation" at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton and takes referrals from all over the country. His blurb says that there are only two facilities offering this type of surgery in the country. I wonder if you or anybody else has heard of this? I would be grateful if anyone has any further info on this.

  • Thanx for ya update I'm due an abalation soon all the best m8

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