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Cardioversion after ablation


Hi everybody well I ad my cardioversion yesterday and all went well am back in sinus for now

My arthymia nurse said by looking at my ECG it's possible one of the veins that was ablated could be inflamed and irritated causing the breakthrough and might settle down in time touch wood

Anyway am just a bit tender in the heart now but it as taken a bit of a beating and it's now just a case of fingers crossed and wait and see

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Hi Steve good to hear. yes it takes some months for things to settle down in there, at least three monthjs and maybe more and this sort of thing does happen. Glad you have the support of an arrhythmia nurse as they really make a difference.


watchdog in reply to BobD

hi bob I have been on this forum for some time and I always take note of what you say /advise I am now back in AF after 14 months this I take yearly. I am having my 5th cardioversion on this coming monday It was also mentioned about an ablation ???? I have what is called a left branch bundel block. can the two be given togather or must I have one at a time? my cardy recomended cardioversion first followed by an ablation

BobDVolunteer in reply to watchdog

Trust me I am not an expert! My view is personal and not in any way the policy of AFA but I do wonder why doctors persist in cardioversion which have little long term success. OK yes I have had three cardioversions but each one was to correct atrial tachycardia following ablations..rather than attempts to stop the A fib. Are you actually being treated by an EP or just a general plumbing cardio.wonder. I can recommend ablation but be aware you may need more than one procedure to get the best result.and whilst it may well stop the AF you may still have some arhythmias. Five plus (nearly six) years says it is all worth it..


watchdog in reply to BobD

Thanks bob going for my 5th cardiversion om monda y willhave aword with the cardio

Thanks Bob yes the nurse was really good explaining that their could still be a lot of swelling , I couldn't feel any discomfort after my ablation but I can now after the cardioversion but it's good to be back in sinus

, thanks again Bob

Good news! All the best.

Thank you much appreciated

Great to hear for Sinus - take it easy!

Thanks Iris

Good to hear of another success story!

Best of luck for the future, Mallet-head

take care Steve- hope all continues well

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