Ablation done now back home

Hello I'm now home after ablation , and feeling ok . It was supposed to be an overnight stay ,but ended up being 3 nights due to having a small amount of fluid around heart ,but all better now . Just feeling a bit sore in chest . As some of you know I was really worried but as you all said it will be fine and it was , thankyou . How long does it take for the pains in chest to go as some times they can be painful thankyou

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  • Could take a week or so but with your history (fluid etc) maybe a bit longer. Please do NOT be in too much of a hurry to get back to normal. You have been through a major procedure even if it wasn't an operation with a big zip! Do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second. And be prepared for some funnies as it will take time for things to settle down. We are here to support


  • Glad it went OK for you and that your ablation 'horror' thoughts have been alleviated now. As Bob says, it does take time to settle. Mine took around 6 weeks to go but, as we always say on here, everyone is different. Hope your symptoms settle soon x

  • Yes, be patient. I am 3 months post ablation and lots of arrythmias for about 6 weeks. Seems to have settled and off all meds except warfarin. Good luck and hope it all goes well. Marie

  • Hi duckpopper,Like the others have said dont rush anything it does take a few months and you will have a few funny days but dont panic its quite normal,I dont think anyone has had an ablation and felt great with in days.Take it nice and easy for a few weeks and every thing should be fine good luck keep in touch

  • Hi Duckpopper

    Glad it all went well, I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op, still getting hop,skips and jumps, but off all meds bar Warfarin and feel sooooo much better. Take it easy and stay well x

  • Yes, be patient. For me it was 3 months. Regards Ewa

  • Glad all went OK. I'm going in for my catheter ablation in Leeds on 10th February. I'm feeling apprehensive, but it is good to read about other peoples experiences and to manage my own expectations in terms of recovery time etc. I was told by my EP that it would be done under local anaesthetic - is that what most people have? I've also heard that there will be some pain during the 'burning'part of the procedure. What was your experience of this? No need to 'sugar coat' it - I'd rather be prepared for the reality! Thanks, and hope your recovery goes well.

  • hello ,i was very woried before i had my catheter ablation done , even cried on my way to lab , but everything was fine staff explained everything they were doing to me , iwas supposed to go under but anethatist had to go home . so they sedated me instead , i did have the option to come back at later date , but went ahead with it ., i was awake for most of the time as sedation did not do much for me . i had the freezing ablation done dont no if it makes any difference to what i felt , it did feel quite painful at one point but not for long , also i felt my heart speeding up , and realy thudding at one point . they did say i wouldnt probaly remember much of it at all , but sedation did not realy work for me.afterwards i did have quite bad chest pain but with a bit of morphine that soon went . i now suffer a bit of pain and sore groin , hope i havnt put you off , it sound worse than it is realy . let me know how you get on , anymore questions i will be happy to help good luck


  • Thanks for telling it like it was, duckpopper! No, you haven't put me off - I just hope it works for both of us, then it will all be worth it! Take it easy!

  • Hi Lizzo

    I had an ablation under local anaesthetic just three months ago. I was told the sedation would just relax me which it did. At one time I felt a pain spreading across my back, I thought I would be brave but when the burning feeling became worse I shouted out and it all stopped immediately. The EP called for painkillers and I must have fallen asleep as when I felt the burning again- twice more- I just woke slightly and moaned which again caused them to stop straight away.

    It sounds awful, I know, but it was just a steady increase in pain and it stopped completely as soon as the EP was alerted. At the end of the ablation when I apologised for shouting they said I had been very good compared with some patients! The discomfort I felt for a day or so afterwards was in the places I had felt 'burning', a couple of paracetamol soon got rid of it.

    I am sure all will go well for you and I think it helps if you have an idea of what to expect. Having a local anaesthetic also means that you feel well straight away as a GA can take three weeks to leave the body.

    Best of luck


  • I had an ablation about 5 weeks ago under sedation and local. Didn't feel much. Actually I even enjoyed the neither a sleep nor awake feeling. Next thing I know was awake in my room with the EP sitting by my bed side explaining how the procedure went. Don't worry you jay also not feel a thing like me.

  • Hi Lizzo I had sedation and part anaesthesia but not enough to warrant tube down throat for breathing. I don't remember much about the first part, TOE etc as that was the bit I didn't want to remember so I was put to sleep for that bit and I woke up about 1hour in. The procedure took 5 hrs 45 mins and for me the worst part was staying so still for that long, although I did feel very relaxed. I felt something a couple of times and moaned loudly and like Angela my EP backed off and it was very momentary. I felt aches between my shoulder blades the following day and very slight soreness in groin. I was sitting up and eating my dinner 15 mins after the procedure and travelled 200 miles home the next day. I was very apprehensive before going in but it was so much easier than I had anticipated. I would certainly have another, hoping that I won't need one but unfortunately I still seem to have some flutter, but no recurrence of the AFib. Good

  • Thanks Angela! I agree that it is best to be prepared what to expect, even if it doesn't sound like the greatest fun ever! Good tip about letting them know about the pain - I will definitely follow that advice! We all have different pain thresholds, so I guess that they start with the lowest dose they can then increase as necessary. Bet the worst ones are men (sorry guys, love you really)!!

    Hope your recovery is going well.


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