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Frequent tachycardia

It is me again Maitha

I'm having hard times these days due to tachycardia nearly daily mostly due to stress due to family issues , the symptoms now looks different !

sometimes I'm not feeling the fast heart rate just I feel breathless , dizzy , lightheaded , chest tightness then I check my pulse where it is around 120 not more than that thank god but It lasts between few minutes to two hours last time

My symptoms before were different , does that mean my body got used to high pulse so I'm not having more scary symptoms or what !

Anyway I'm leaving next week to Cleveland clinic for treatment , even I'm reading a lot about freezing weather there , really it is not the right time for this trip :(

After changing the forum setting I lost my previous nickname and don't know how to get it back

Regards to all of you


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Hi Maitha

Now if the perfect time for the trip, because now is when you need the treatment, not in the summer :) It's not cold inside the hospital or the hotel, just might stop you sightseeing too much.

I'm no expert on this, but tachycardia is supposed to be easier to ablate than A Fib, so I have no doubt that once the EP gets hold of you and sorts you out you are going to feel a whole lot better.

Remember my offer if you are stopping over

Be well



Thanks for giving me hope , and for the nice offer

I'm trying to buy some winter dresses which is hard to find here in Abu Dhabi where it never drop less than 10 ;)



I wish you a successful trip and procedure and look forward to hearing how you get on when it is all over.


Good Luck Maitha wishing you success this time x


Good luck and God bless.x


Good luck Maitha,

I was wondering how you were - good luck on your trip to the Cleveland clinic, let us know how you got on when you get back! I'm hoping that they manage to sort out your symptoms so you can relax and enjoy yourself.




Check with your current doctor for meds in the interim. I am having episodes more often than in the past and the constant tachycardia (low but high for me 85-105) are exhausting. I have finally started occasionally taking a betablocker and I can tell you I certainly do enjoy the calmer heart.

Keep us posted


That is my status actually pulse is not that high mostly 100 but it last sometimes for more than 30 min to hour recently , even I'm already on sotalol , it helps but can't control it completely , I'm exhausted already

Wish you calm heart ;)



You have so many people in there "pitching" for you! Just take clothes that you can layer - that is the secret to cold weather. Maybe online shopping?

My increased heart rate is a separate issue to the AF, well clearly not separate. But I can have weeks with no clear AFib ( I only count it when it is accompanied by the high tachycardia and continues for 8-12 hours. Again, so many different types, at Cleveland Clinic you will find doctors with tremendous experience thanks to the volume of people they see every year. I find it helps if I write out my past experience, medications, dates, etc. And my questions. It helps us to organize our thoughts - which become fuzzy sometimes once in front of the cardiologist!

Keep us posted as to when so we can all keep the good thoughts going!


Hi Maitha - It's good to hear from you again. I was wondering how you were and a few days ago sent a private message to you, but I guess that got lost with your old account. I'm glad that you are at last having a procedure to sort out your heart problems. Will be thinking of you, good luck and please keep us informed of how you are.


Hi Maitha,

I was also wondering how you were, now we know why we hadn't heard from you. Ian is right, you need to get this problem sorted out now - and the snow looks lovely when you are nice and warm inside looking out at it.

Best of luck



Thank you all for support :)

Actually I'm doing a lot better than before ablation , flutter didn't shown , only these junctional tachycardia in result of the ablation

I got used to it , can manage it with double dose of sotalol along with zanax to help me relax during the episode

Tody I had episode during a meeting and I was the presenter , thank got I could manage and didn't last more than few minutes

What is scaring me more the recorded VT , I think the EP study should diagnose my case clearly and hope they can sort this .

Wish you all happy and healthy life , I will keep you updated , I'm leaving in the weekend for 16 hours flight.

Any recommended sleeping pills ?;) I have phobia from aeroplanes , I'm shy to admit that but believe me it is very Serious to me :(



Toy will be in the best hands at Cleveland Clinic. Go now when you are having the issues. Good luck and do not worry. They are amazing Doctors and will do what is absolutely best for you. It is a team and not just one Dr making decisions. Then they will give you all their findings and the choices you have. Good luck and keep us all informed.


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