Scheduled for ablation in 24 hours

Scheduled for ablation in 24 hours

I'm already admitted to hospital from two days since my flutter didn't end alone as usual

I already decided that I don't want to try other medication and cardiversion again and again , I want to try ablation to stop it completely as I hope

I'm trying to keep my mind busy till the procedure tomorrow , and preying that all will be fine

Even I'm on flutter I don't feel so bad since the pulse is controlled by bisoprolol and I'm on warfarin so I'm safe from this side

I submitted a leave request from work for two weeks , I didn't inform my parents that I'm having ablation , I will call them after It is done so they will not get worried :)

My husband/kids and sister supporting me , they are a great gifts in my life

I will try my best to stay calm today to be ready for tomorrow adventure , I will be fasting from to night

Hope god will take care of me , I already depends mainly on him only

The photo is upside down! Sorry couldn't adjust it :(


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  • Hi Maitha

    I'm so pleased to hear that at last you're getting the help you need. I'm sure all will go well with your ablation and that you will soon be AF free. Keep us informed of how you are.

    You are in my prayers.


  • Hi Maitha. Pleased you are getting the help you need. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You will be fine and at last, by the end of the week, be on the road to recovery. Where are you having the procedure done. Best wishes Dee.

  • I'm living in UAE/Abu DHabi and admitted in SH KHalifa hospital for ablation

    EP team confirmed their capabilities to carry out ablation and they are doing so since 3 years , 6-7cases a week with 90 percent success rate

    They explained to me the details , hope it s easy as they explained

    Thank you all for support , and hope I will have a successful experience soon.


  • Good luck Maitha please keep us posted. Sorry not to have replied earlier but I have been travelling for two days.


  • Happy trip

    Hope I will come back to you all with a good experience soon

    All the best

  • good look Maitha with ablation , will be thinking of you


  • Yes good luck Maitha, we are thinking of you, do let us know how it goes


  • Sending you lots of positive thoughts for a successful result. Don't forget BobD's wisdom and be prepared to take things very slowly afterwards. Wishing you well, Liz

  • Good luck Maitha,

    It's lovely to hear good news from you. Hope all goes well.


  • Good luck Maitha x

  • Good luck and keep us posted.


  • Good luck. Thinking about you. Eva

  • Hi Maitha,

    Thinking of you today. Good luck. Best wishes, Dee. x

  • Thinking about you Maitha and can't wait to hear how it all went. I keep logging into this site to see if there is any news from you. Jean x

  • I lived in Abu Dhabi in the 70's. I expect they have a wonderful hospital there, and you will be very well looked after. I had my 3rd ablation last week on 15th at Eastbourne GDH and all was well. I slept all the rest of the day and night, and was able to get up in the morning. There will be a lot that you don't remember, but honestly you will be fine. The best bit is that first cup of tea the next morning! Very best of luck, Carrie x

  • I lived in Abu Dhabi in the 70's. I expect they have a wonderful hospital there, and you will be very well looked after. I had my 3rd ablation last week on 15th at Eastbourne GDH and all was well. I slept all the rest of the day and night, and was able to get up in the morning. There will be a lot that you don't remember, but honestly you will be fine. The best bit is that first cup of tea the next morning! Very best of luck, Carrie x

  • thinking of you ; we are all in hands bigger than ours.



  • Good luck - hope all goes well

  • Hi Maitha,quess its close now,fear of the unknown is the worse thing.I have had 2 ablations both put my heart back to normal .That was 2 years ago and im still ok.I am in AF but the meds im taking are doing a great job at keeping my blood pressure down heart rate in the 60 s.In this life there is always someone was off.So chin up speak to you after your op.Be thinking of you,happycods xx

  • Good luck. Looking forward to hearing from you after the opening x

  • Oops I meant after the operation.!!

  • Good morning all

    Thank you very much for your nice feelings and support

    I had my ablation yesterday morning , strangely I was not afraid at all like I use to be for the last few months , I went to catheter theatre walking :)

    I was there at 9 AM they took an hour to prepare me connected to all monitors , I didn't feel any pain in my leg

    Doctor was very nice , they inject me with something made me relax ., and whenever I feel uncomfortable they increase the dose

    Since I was already on atrial flutter when I arrived here , doctor make the ablation directly , he did EP study and nothing else shown wrong for an hour

    I slept after that for an hour , but I was not allowed to go out from bed for around 4 hours to prevent any possible bleeding from my leg since I'm on warfarin

    Doctor wanted to discharge me today after 24 hours of ablation but I want to stay till tomorrow under monitoring

    I'm already on bisoprolol since a year back to control my pulse rate but my BP is always low and sometimes dropping around 80 which make me dizzy and headache

    Right now doctor wants to continue on this medication till a month then he may reduce or stop it

    ECG is showing sinus rhythm since ablation and hope it will be stable forever

    Doctor advice is to rest for 10 days then back to normal life , so I'm on sick leave right now

    I feel weak and tiered , headache due to low BP but I'm sure it is normal and all will be fine within few days

    Thank god for the braveness you gave me to have the ablation at last , and to your support and informations

    All the best for all of you


  • That all sounds great. Well done you!!

  • So pleased that all went well for you Maitha. x

  • So pleased that we were able to give you the courage to go ahead and all praise to yourself for taking it. Let us hope things will settle down now and you can get on with your life again. keep in touch though won't you?


  • I really owe you all the courage I got to have the ablation , I was scared to death not because of the procedure itself since I'm familiar with major surgeries ;) but because I was not sure that EP team here can carry out ablation successfully

    Hope they did it in the proper way to prevent any possible flutter later

    Thanks for your support

  • Delighted for you Maitha, and thanks for taking the time to update us

    I've never had an ablation but those who have tell me not to underestimate the time it takes to recover, so don't get too frustrated if you aren't bouncing off the walls very soon.

    However "normal" life is beckoning and it sounds like you are well on your way


  • Well done for going through with the ablation as I know you were frightened. I'm still waiting for mine but you have given me a little more courage to have it done. Good luck with your recovery and I hope you don't have any more problems.

  • Thanks all

    I'm planning to continuo on low profile , since I'm very active and don't know how to rest :(

    Lots of responsibilities which I should learn how to manage logically and calmly

    Doctor said I still need to continue on bisoprolol for the ectopic beats

    He wants me to walk around today and eat good to increase my BP , I think my headache because of it in addition that I used to have migraine attacks due to any life changes

    As you said I'm not expecting ablation successful completely till three months or more later , and I will stay nearby

    Wishing you all healthy life

    Kind regards

  • After how long after ablation should I expect it as successful ?

  • Well done Maitha ! Yes 3 months is the normal time to see if successful (my UK EP says this) but some people are longer. The first 10 days I had some minor chest pain on deep breaths and migraine aura and some strange rhythms but then all settled down and I felt better and better with each passing day and no afib. So glad you found the courage to do it and wishing you a good recovery and a happy life ! X

  • Thank you dear

    You are right I'm having migraine aura with irregular beat , it is expected during recovery

    Thanks for sharing with me your experience :)

    I agree it needs a courage , actually I planned to have ablation last May in UK but Dr SChilling preferred to try medication first , I stayed in London for a month with no AF symptoms :)

    so I came back home in Abu DHabi where I had very bad attack which gave me the courage to put an end to this suffering here in my country

    Pray to God it is the end

    All the best


  • Hi Maitha,

    I am so happy for you and proud that you have taken your courage in your hands and gone through the ablation procedure, excellent job. I was telling my husband about you this morning and eager to know how you were.

    The start of your new life begins today. Take it easy and get back to full strength. Best wishes. Dee.

  • Appreciate your nice feeling

    Kind regards

  • God Bless you and He will take good care of you tomorrow .Poppey Storey

  • oh am so pleased to hear you being so confident! you did it and now the future is calling ! please make sure you rest properly no doing more than you should .... hugs


  • Thank you all AF family ;)

    I'm leaving hospital back home tomorrow , I will try my best to rest for the whole week relaxing

    I discussed with my doctor to replace warfarin with any other new drugs , unfortunately he informed me that none of them is suitable yet for mechanical heart valves

    I will continue on it along with bisoprolol till visiting him after a month from now



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