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Tachycardia but pulse radial pulse feels normal

This is peculiar! I'm having numerous short lived tachycardia events every day. Most of the tachycardias I can't feel at all, and only become aware of with a sudden rush of dizziness. If I check my watch I will be having a fast run up to between 130 and 160 and then back down again. I'm really bemused because my radial pulse feels to be relatively slow and steady when this is happening. Is there any feasible explanation for this?

Some tachycardias feel like the bag of worms, and most of my ectopic runs do too. They both knock me breathless, but the 'silent' tachycardia is always accompanied by pre-syncope.

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Radial pulseis only palpable with systolic

pressure over 80. Sounds like you need a Holter moniter to diagnose the arrythmias.


Ah, thank you. I do have low blood pressure. I recently had a holter, but as per sods law, my heart didn't play ball. That said, a possible Afib has been caught and I already had a flutter diagnosis which has til now been under control with meds. I had a VTach recently and am awaiting EP study for that with ablation planned for the atrial problems

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Good question Reward9, I have often wondered the same. Can feel all sorts going on in my chest but as you say radial pulse seems regular.


My EP used a Zio XT Patch. It will continuously measure cardiac rhythm for up to 14 days . 24 hours a day small and discreet. This is the only way my afib would have been diagnosed. 24 hour holter would have not been helpful. Maybe discuss with your doctor a longer monitoring to find out exactly what is wrong


Hi Tracyrdh, I went to see an EP privately, as I was admitted to hospital with a broad complex (ventricular) tachycardia a few months ago. I was concerned that nothing was being done in the interim as I was initially told I was being transferred for immediate pacemaker and ICD. I had the 6 day holter in March, but it literally covered the best 6 days I've had in months! ;) Fortunately the EP, who I saw this month, thinks it's urgent too and is doing a study asap to try to get to the bottom of, and hopefully treat the ventricular tachycardia. The holter and other historical tests indicate atrial tachycardia (Fib and Flutter) too, so his intention is to do both PVI and CTI ablations at the time of the study if he's able to confirm their necessity


Take care and wish you the best for getting all your problems treated.


I have that....averaging pulse of 115, 3 months after ablation. On meds for two weeks.


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