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High blood pressure post ablation?

Has anyone noticed their blood pressure went up after their ablation? Mine is always up a bit in the morning but settles as the day progresses. Since the ablation last wed it is staying high 150/93.

Anyone else noticed this?

Having a bit of groin probs too - had a few angios and a failed ablation and never had it this bad. Have no choice but to sit and watch the cricket.


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Hi Brian - Blood pressure is a very sensitive subject for me. It took me a while to discover why my blood pressure was high on and off after my ablation (and beforehand to). Well the discovery was me - I can make my blood pressure go up just by getting anxious. When I see that its gone up I get even more anxious and up it goes more. I was even taken to hospital by ambulance with extremely high blood pressure - the person I spoke to on calling emergency number thought I'd had a stroke (I hadn't). Well say that word to me and whoosh, my Systolic BP went up to about 216, can't remember what diastolic went up to, but that was also very high.

I know we are all different but I wonder if your anxiety is driving yours up? You are bound to be a little anxious after your ablation, we all are - just wondering whether we've been cured or not. Try not using the blood pressure monitor for a few days and then take your BP before you get out of bed in the morning.

Re groin probs, do you have a lump there?


That's what my GP said - that I was anxious. Dunno - maybe - I'm usually pretty laid back and am really trying to work on that.

Re groin yes there is a lump but not that big - every now and then aches. Hopefully will clear in a day or two.

Gee 216 is high - what causes that? Can't be anxiety.



Hi Brian - Yes, my 216 systolic BP was certainly caused by anxiety after having the 'stroke' word said to me. I had taken my BP before calling NHS direct and it had been fairly normal and only shot up after hearing the dreaded word.

I had a lump in my groin after my 1st ablation and was convinced something had been left in there. I discovered later that it was what I think they call a haematoma and it just disappeared with time. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Hi Brian,

My BP sky rockets when anxious too just like Jeans. It is quite common for mine to be 210 or above over 100 just seeing the GP. She is used to it and smiles, asks me to check it at home after an hour or so and yes it has come back to something reasonable. Hope yours settles down soon. Your heart has been through an invasive procedure no wonder things are off kilter at the minute. Enjoy the cricket and rest a while. Best wishes.


Hi Brian - my blood pressure has gone up since my ablation last Thursday. My last reading was 155/85 which I didn't consider to be too bad after the battering my heart has just had :-). As meadfoot says and like I am doing, give it a few more days and try not to get anxious.

I too am fairly laid back but that doesn't mean that your heart is at the moment. Enjoy your cricket - I can't even enjoy that because we are getting battered!


Obviously Froggy u r following a different side ( cricket) to me . That doesn't say we can't discuss other things sensibly ( just kidding ). But they r getting a bit out of control.

Back to BP. It's a bit off a worry but as you all say should settle in a few days. Maybe depend on Perth - sorry couldn't help that

Love you all.



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