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Hi All, I've just got back from seeing the EP at the Bristol Heart Institute, he has advised I am an ideal candidate for Ablation. I have PAF and have had 3 episodes the last year or so, the last one is where they picked up on AF. There is a waiting list of 5 month + but he wants me to start on warfarin and to be in therapeutic range prior to having the procedure, which he said will eat into those 5 months. He has also cut back on my Bisoprolol which was making me feel constantly drugged and breathless, and introduced a low dose of Flecainide. The EP was very personable and has given me confidence in this procedure, certainly much more than the cardio at my local hospital who tried to blow my symptoms away as nothing.

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Sounds good MammaCass. I had a second ablation last year and started on Warfarin leading up to the op for the first time. It did take a while to get my INR steady and within range, then they set a slightly higher target for the few weeks/months before the op, then back down again. Although in reality I didn't reach the higher target but they went ahead anyhow.

I've had two ablations in all and although I know some people have had issues, I've had absolutely nothing. 1st one was an immediate and 100% success, the 2nd the AF had gone and they couldn't even stimulate the AF, so got to wait for another ablation now as my arrhythmia has returned and is fairly constant.

Isn't it funny how in one profession you can go from someone who tries to tell you it's almost an irrelevance, to someone who suggest an op is well worth it. It should really be more consistent.

Good luck.


Good news. Glad to hear it.



which EP didd you see in Bristol?



I saw Edward Duncan, he was brilliant, I was very nervous after seeing the cardio at Weston, but there was nothing to worry about he explained everything and agreed it was the best option for me


My experience with the cardiologist at Weston hospital was similar to yours. I then saw Tim Cripps in Bristol who is very approachable and was very willing to answer all my questions. I assume that you are a lot younger than I am if you are being considered for ablation after having only three episodes in a year. I was having episodes most days and unable to tolerate most drugs.


It's good that you are at last getting help and sensible advice. Wishing you well.


Thanks Jean


Hi Stormcloud, Sorry I missed your last post, but in answer, I was originally referred to Tim Cripps, but when my appointment came through it was with Edward Duncan. I'm not sure what the criteria is for ablation other than he told me I was an ideal candidate...under 65 (I'm 62), having had difficulty with 2 medications Bisoprolol/Flecainide and I have Paroxysmal A Fib rather than permanent A Fib. Has Tim Cripps offered you Ablation? have you discussed it with him? I would be interested to know what he said.


Hi MammCass,

I have Paf and trouble with drug intolerance, too. including warfarin. Are you taking warfarin? When I saw Tim Cripps he wasn't keen on ablation for me and prescribed flecainide which had side effects so sotalol was suggested

which I declined. I saw Prof. Schilling in London last year and was told that ablation doesn't lower stroke risk.

He also believes that you have to remain on an anticoagulant forever after ablation but I know that this is not the view of all EPs,He didn't have a problem

with my age,I am 80, as I am otherwise healthy.The only drug I am taking now is Bisoprolol 1.25mg. It does make me feel very cold but I seem to have got used to the other side effect of fatigue.I was on the waiting list for ablation with Prof. Schilling earlier this year but have postponed it as I haven't had an episode for 4 months, I started taking magnesium a few weeks before the AF

stopped and can hardly believe that it has had this effect but can't attribure it to anything else.

Hope the ablation ends all your problems. Are you having it done in Bristol?


Hi Stormcloud, It's been arranged that I start on Warfarin after Christmas so I'll be in therapeutic range by the time the procedure comes. Edward Duncan reduced my Bisoprolol to 2.5mg but I am getting some symptoms. The tiredness is overwhelming even on the lower dose and the slightest exertion brings on breathlessness, I'm not keen on the Flecainide either. My AF is lone, no other heart problems, so I'm finding the situation very frustrating, I've never been one to sit around and I've always had lots of get up and go, but this condition has floored me. I haven't heard about magnesium helping AF, I shall look into that. The procedure is going to be done at the Bristol Heart. My son who is a Paramedic says he has spoken with a colleague in London who is a Cardiologist and he recommended either his hospital in London or the BHI, so I have taken the local option. Edward Duncan was very positive about the procedure and outcome, I really can't wait to get back to normal.


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