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2 Days after

On my last post I was a few days ago having a cryoablation in Australia .

All went well until they were turning the machine on to go its thing (brand new machine) and no go . The technician who sold the hospital the machine was showing them how to use it but no go. So I had the whole procedure with no result and have to go through it all again in 3 weeks.

On the bright side the EP cardioverted me and I've been 3 days in sinus rhythm ( after 3 months in PAF that feels great) . I also have had my drugs reduced to just Sotalol ( still warfarin but now I don't call that a drug I call it a life saver ) and blood pressure tabs.

My head is getting clearer by the day so life is good.


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Great way of looking at it! All the best for the next one brave gentleman!


Thanks Iris but I'm not that brave . I'm just over feeling bad so when I feel good I go yahoo . It's a bit like enjoying a sunny day after its rained for a week


Hope that was better for your case :)

All the best


Good luck for next time!


What a pain in the a... However, as you say you must look on the bright side so good luck for next time. At least you now know what to expect - think of it as a practice run!! Marie


I am glad that you had such great results from the cryo- ablation. I did too and have gone 8 months without an episode. I am also off of all heart meds, and BP meds and cholesterol meds. I had a seizure before I was diagnosed with AFib so I am still on those and Pradaxa because it is a stroke preventer. I would say you are doing great. Good luck.


Well done for being so positive. Hope all goes well with you next time.


Thanks for all your support - the funny part is if the equipment had worked I'd be saying it was a success - when you are crook for so long you get used to it and appreciate how fantastic it is to feel well


Good to hear Brian! A shame it didn't work out for you but watch this space and keep your fabulous positivity.


Geez mate that wasn't what you would expect from the hospitals here in surely they would have tested the flamin thing well before they used it on patients! I bet the staff were embarrassed!

I am glad that at least it went ok for you!

I am off to Sydney tonight for heart mapping tomorrow then Ablation on Thursday!




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