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Seven weeks post Cryo Ablation

Some of you might remember that this was my fourth ablation, the first three being Radio Frequency.

Well after lots of pessimism and horrible bouts of activity in my heart I am now nearly free of it altogether. I can feel my heart try to go out of rhythm but more often than not it doesnt!!! and if it does it is only for a few minutes. Now this is major progress for me as I was having daily PAF which was at times quite debilitating (although it was never at a very fast rate).

I have felt well for about two weeks and just hope that it continues. I need to try and get myself into shape as I have put about half a stone on since the op. My Cardio supported me in suggesting more time off work and I am due back this weekend which will help in the weight loss.

I am absolutely delighted so far with the results and would like to wish you all seasons Greetings.

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Hi Timmo 50,I had my ablation in august and now feeling really good the thing is not to try to get fit too soon.I did and it knocked me back two weeks each time.I,ve found the best way to start is by just walking,I started with a mile and now do two miles each day weather permitting and slowly building it up.I used to cycle ten miles per day and i can,t wait to get back to cycling but I now know not to rush it, be patiant a day at a time and good luck.Happy New Year argzxon61


Hi Timmo - That's good news to hear. I too have put on half a stone since my ablation in June and after a cardioversion in November I'm now feeling really well. So good to have energy again isn't it!

Best wishes for 2014.


1/2 stone since November? I put that on last week! Seriously Timmo I am so glad things are on the up. I would echo what has already been said and say go easy on the return to fitness. Slow and sure rather than balls out and a little at a time.



Good to hear you are well,

take care


I'm so pleased to hear you are feeling so well.Long may it continue.


Glad you are feeling better now. Just don't overdo things, at least the weather doesn't make us feel guilty about not sorting out the garden. A happy and healthy new year to you.


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