is it alright to have a flu jab

Hi, everyone, just reading about taking remedies, and some of you say have a flu jab. This is safe to do is it? My husband is due one next month, and came home after booking his at our doctors, with an appointment for me at the same time, and I haven`t had time to speak to my doctor about it yet. Thanks for all your help online, I find it so useful.

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  • Had my flu jab yesterday - no problem. Nurse first recommended I had it last Winter after I was diagnosed with AF.


  • Thanks Marion, that make me feel better, if you have already had yours, and it was recommended by your nurse. hairdresserme

  • Just to make it clear, it was recommended by one of the nurses at the GP's surgery -as I am now classed as in the "at risk" group because of my AF.


  • Not only is it fine but also you should have one as Marion says. The best one I ever had was the one for swine flu which really worked well! Also ask about a pneumonia jab.

    I'm off to have rabies today, had typhoid last week (going to Uganda)

  • I have been having my flu jab since AF was diagnosed.(1998) At Risk patient AF.

    This year on going to the surgery for my INR bloods, the Nurse gave me my Flu jab then and there, what a service.

    Except it with open arms, and other folk who may wonder about it.

  • Last year I asked my GP if I could have a flu jab but was told I did not qualify, so paid for the jab at a pharmacy. However, I've had my invitation letter for a flu jab this year so have already made the appointment - just in case they change their minds! Whether a couple of spells in hospital have changed the qualifying criteria, I don't know. Like most of the advice from others - very definitely get your shot!

  • hello have had the flu jab because my doctor wanted me to, have had it for two years i was nervouse first time as read a lot of bad press but i was fine, as my doctor said with af it is better than getting really bad flu, hope this assures you

  • Had my flu jab last Friday with no problems. Better have the jab than have a real dose of flu.

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