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Calling all those living in Wales

Another case story request.

Please get in touch if you live in Wales and can relate to any of these experiences:

• Diagnosis of AF (slow / delayed OR very quick due to opportunistic screening / good local awareness and education)

• Issues with access to anticoagulation / given inappropriate anticoagulation

• Suffered a TIA / stroke due to AF

Thank you!


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I live in Wales and must have had AF ages before diagnosis. Even then, I was already in heart failure, and very very ill, which they again failed to pick up. I went in because I thought it was my usual asthma and so did the asthma nurse, but no asthma treatment helped. (I do not believe my coughs all my life were asthma now). This was two years ago last July. I have only seen a proper cardiologist at the cardiology department over the border in an English hospital twice, due to the fact I was so ill by January 2012 and he then altered my medication - ceasing the verapamil which made my left ventricular dysfunction worse. I was also put on warfarin instead of aspirin. I am on digoxin, ramapril and bisoprolol plus diabetic medication too. I believe the metformin is contradictory and making me feel worse. I only see GPs, who would like to study cardiology, in that department when I have an appointment. Luckily, as far as I am aware, I have not suffered any strokes or a TIA. I have regular echocardiograms, but at first they could not show anything due to the Afib being so bad and last June I was diagnosed with a faulty valve too. The cardiologist was not sure which came first the heart failure or the AF, but I am pretty sure I have had heart problems most of my life (measles? chronic bronchitis? hereditary? not asthma after all?) and the first blood pressure tablet they gave me started the AF and it carried on.


I also forgot to say I am sure my Afib is connected with the injuries I sustained in that area when I had a spinal anaesthetic that went wrong having my son by caesarean, but I still cannot get this through to them.


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