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Which cold remedies can I use, I have a stinking cold

I used Lemsip liq once and went into Af and landed in A&E, Doctor said that I could not have chosen a worse medication, apparently many cold remedies have epherdrine in them which can trigger off your Af

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Yes you have to be really careful. Paracetemol is fine but anything else talk to your pharmacy and check as many "can cause heart rhythm changes". Night Nurse nearly killed me once. Or at least at the time I wished it had as I felt so bad.lol



So true Bob. Also avoid anything with 'Ethanol' in it too - that can kick things off.

Cheers, Jamie


Bob are you sure it was not a real night nurse lol


Now that is a story for a different forum! LOL


Paracetamol and Olbas Oil lozenges / Oil that you sprinkle on you hankie etc. you can't cure a cold and the combination above is as good as any cold preparation. I am sure other stuff works psychologically rather than physically. It is the comforting, cosy advertising that does it! :-). Cold remedies have been a big no no for me for a long time, Sudafed was my worse ever.


I'm with you here Froggy. We are third-generation Olbas Oil users. You can't beat it! Do you take Vitamin C too? I was told to stop MultiVitamins when I was diagnosed with AF 3 months ago. Any advice would be gratefully received !


I stopped taking over the counter stuff a good few years ago Mama, except for pain killers (Paracetomol). For vitamin C Intake I have at least one orange a day plus other fruits so probably don't need a supplement really.

I think we can overdo stuff like vit supplements. Again, I think rosy, cosy advertising has something to do with that :-). I have suffered with AF for almost 9 years now, well, been diagnosed, probably had episodes before that too and not missed bits one bit :-)


I was given the ok for Potters vegetable cough remover...what a mouthful. But the best was lemon honey and cinnamon in hot water....just the job for soothing the throat and helping to loosen phlegm .

hope you feel better soon



I was told that Benylin Original is ok tooxx


I had a flue-like cold approx. 3 months ago, and after this started exercising minimal tai chi, but every day, hoping to gain better overall health, apparently this was the wrong thing to do as I ended up in ER, much better to rest and ask chemist for appropriate medicine, if you need it. I think that my immune system is pretty low, as I now have another cold. This time I am taking vitamin B (complete) to help my body to recoup. I am also under a lot of stress at the moment. (Moving home etc) which doesn't help either. Am doing relaxation techniques twicer per day, and I seem to be going OK with this. Regards from Australia



do not take anything over the counter or Rx. It will give you afib and/or other illnessesw you do not even have yet.

Here's what I use:

1)Sambucol(elderberry extract)-kills viruses, flu A,B and Bird flu fixes sore throat and stops your cough

2)Quercetin 250 mg twice a day _- natural leukotriene inhibitor (like the drug singulaire)- stops this inflammation (leukotreines) which cause chest congestion, wheezing , coughing, asthma. This supplement will stop the congestion in your lungs, throat, nasopharynx which is dripping down your throat into your chest, and also clears out the sinuses.

2a) If you have a really bad sinus involvement ( it hurts above your eyes, inside the space between your upper nose and your eye, above your cheecks etc)- use Oil of Oregano vulgaris-2 drops once every 24 or 12 hours depending on how bad you are. It is very strong and tastse disgusting-so mix with some juice, it really works. This kills viruses and fungal infection. The fungal infection is a common cause of a lingering sinus infection.

3)Bromelain 125 mg.- a digestive enzyme from pineapple that is a natural antihistamine and an anti inflammatory.

4)N-acetyl-cyasteine: 500 mg. twice a day: very stroong anti inflammatory, mucolytic (allows congestion to leave--breaks down and is absorbed by lymph system--also you can cough it up and sneeze it out).NAC has an affinity for the lungs and basically repairs them.

5) Reduced glutathione 500 mag twice a day. most prevalent antioxidant in the body. This removes the extra fluid and viruses in the space between the lungs and the lining around the lungs. this is what has been interfereing with your breathing a deep normal breath.

a good brand for #4 and #5 above is Jarrow- a not tooo expensive brand.

6) another excellent antihistamine is stinging nettles- do not take too much it is very stron and can work against a blood thinner.

7)last item channel your great grandmother and cook like her for 2 days. make some bone broth

1 knuckle bone, a neck bone and 3 small marrow bones: cook at a low simmer for 10 hours. cool. put in frig. later remove hard fat layer on top and throw out fat.

Put back on stove for 5 hours adding the following root veggies

1 fennel ( just the bulb)

1 rutabaga

1 celery root (ugly bulbous veggie but good for your cold)

1 turnip

3 carrots

2-3 leeks

all cut up into small chunks--add some stew meat if you like for flavor.

Although some work, this is so delicious and so medicinally strong you could probably raise the dead--but all it will do is fix your horrible cold. Try it-you will feel MUCH better.


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