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AF & a cold!


I’m sure this has been asked before but is it possible that my AF is worse with a cold?

Been suffering for 2 weeks now with a horrible head cold which has generally taken its toll on my general health & strength. I take a regular dose of Flec 100mg a day (50 morning & night) but seem to be experiencing more episodes. Went for a walk this morning & struggled due to the virus I think & sure enough felt the AF kick in as soon as I got home.

Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Cheers Bob ( generally a pissed off)

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Yes, any infection is made worse by AF. I discussed this recently with a neurologist as the coughing virus made me so ill that I finished up in hospital. I currently have a neurological problem which makes walking difficult. When AF strikes it's doubly difficult. Realistically your body struggles to cope if the oxygenated blood isn't getting round properly.

I hope that you will feel better soon.

Blokey59 in reply to jennydog

Thank you for your message, I’m going to take care of myself for a few days!

Sorry you feel so miserable. It’s been my experience too that any viral infection causes the heart to misbehave. Take it easier, drink plenty of fluids and rest as much as you can.

A cold with AF is a real pain.

Blokey59 in reply to Finvola

Thanks for the reply, just learning about all this but it’s nice to know other peoples experiences!

I had a cold a couple of months ago - I rarely get colds but this one hung around for a couple of weeks and I ended up having an overnight stay in hospital with AF. We need to try and stay in optimal health and keep the bugs and viruses at bay.

My cardio told me that anything that raises the temperature raises the heart rate so yes an infection will make A/F worse. Look after yourself.

Only time I have ever had serious episode of AF and ended up in A&E was after catching heavy cold from my great-grandson.


I've found having a cold makes the HR go up, and more recently I've had a bout of quite bad stomach upset/vomit bug for 24 hours. I could barely move (other than to the toilet) for 2 days.

I struggled for two weeks in February with a cold and cough and ended up in hospital with pneumonia. So don't leave it too long if you have a cough too, get it checked out. Really hope you improve soon.

Thanks, planning on seeing doc tomorrow

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