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Medication after ablation ?

My doctor prescribed for me recently sotalol , since I had few tachycardia attacks which started only during recovery from ablation but no flutter showed thank god

I was before ablation on bisoprolol , warfarin and Flecainide to control AF

Is that logic ?

I was expecting not to use any drug for heart rhythm after ablation , but I know I shouldn't stop warfarin since I have mechanical valve installed

Any feedback from ppl who had ablation ?

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Hi Maitha, you do worry don't you! I feel for you. Sotalol is both a rhythm and rate control drug so quite useful I would think to help with the tachycardia.. I also expected to be off all drugs post ablation but it took me nearly a year to wean myself off the one I was on which was propafanone. It is a big ask not to be on any rhythm control drugs and as I said it took me a long time but I only occasionally take maybe one pill if I get a cluster of ectopics. . Try to relax and don;t worry I am sure things will settled down but it is still very early days.



I had an ablation a year ago. No AF but get daily SVTs which force me to lie down as I feel SOB and shaky . EP says everyone gets SVTs and my symptoms are not my heart ! I know they are but seems I just have to put up with it . Is there anything I can do?


Hope so Bob

Thanks a lot for your continuous support

Hope there is one tablet to treat worries



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