Hi every one just back from clinic and my INR is at 4.2 ,waiting for cardio version in September but do need 5 consecutive readings of 2.5 to 3.0 .the only thing different this week is I have had chocolate ,could this make a difference ? Glad to hear you are all getting tests done and keeping well .have a good Bank Holiday week end ,God Bless POPPEY STOREY

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  • I hope not I love chocolate.

    I did not have any last week before my fortnightly test and I have dropped 0.2 from 3.7 to 3.5 but they did reduce my Warfarin slightly. Have a great weekend and enjoy the chocies.

  • Thanks for reply have a great week end POPPEY STOREY

  • It is not on my list of avoids . Have a good BH weekend. It is like Piccadilly Circus down yere in Devon at the moment so I'm staying in and having my youngest son's 21st party. Saturday night where I will no doubt consume more wine than is sensible and loads of chocolate!


  • Great have a great time now i dont feel so guilty.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SON ,POPPEY STOREY

  • Lovely dog, give him pat for me.

    Chocolate wont affect the warfarin, I have never had any problems with it, except of course, it does add on the calories.

    Keep well

  • thank you vivante ,yes my gizmo is a wonderful pet he is 12 this year .Think I will cut out the chocies anyway ,your right about the calories

  • I,m a chocoholic and it has never affected my INR

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