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Hi everyone, back from a wonderful holiday in France, spent most of it in the Gironde at a campsite close to the beaches, stunningly beautiful area of France, look it up on the map, I was on the peninsular close to the lakes.

Honestly feel more relaxed than I have done for a long time, must be the red wine, the almost exclusive fish and seafood diet, and the 150 miles of cycling I did during the ten days (and I have lost 3kgs)

Anyway only thing of note that happened, is that I was bitten by a dog on the first day of the holiday, just walking past a restaurant table at the campsite and the dog came out from under the table and just bit me on the posterior. Fortunately it was Rabies vaccinated and everything else, but I did not stop bleeding for 2 days (ruddy warfarin) and the doctor was going to send me in for stitches if it did not stop that day. To be honest did not spoil the holiday, just spent it with a black and blue "cheek" (only just gone down).

Good news was the dog's owners paid all the bills (nearly 400 Euros) and apart from antibiotic tablets big enough for a horse let alone a human, I had no real problems.

I will post soon about Nosh and Natter at the end of July and a reminder for everyone, but really just checking back in and saying Hi to everyone.


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Good to see you back Ian and glad you had a good (if eventful) holiday. I'd been wondering where you you were, have missed you on this site. Well done with all your cycling (can't wait to get back on my bike) and great that you lost a bit of weight too.



Hi Ian, strange things happening and I have not been getting notifications of posts so missed your return. Glad you had a good holiday but not the bite on the bum! My lunch on 7th August has 9 so far so we must compare notes after yours.




Hi Ian,

Glad you had a good holiday but sorry to hear about the dog bite. I have been away for 3 weeks and everything seems to have changed on here. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Best wishes



Hope the bruising goes down or we might have to stand at the bar all afternoon!


Location of campsite please - thanks


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