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Hi Guys

Went to see EP yesterday but saw a new guy under training he was asking questions I'd been asked before and talking about cardio versions etc

Again stuff I'd covered in the past with my main man

My heart rate was up on the ecg

Why am I not taking bisopol

Could it be cos I'm asthmatic

Your the specialist

He was wasting my time slot I thought

I know my heart rate was up cos I stopped taking digoxin because of brain fog

I take 200 diltysem and my lower limbs swell and feel like they a heating up

But return to normal next day

I take a water tablet but feel crap on that so only take it if I need to

I visit the loo many times without it

My main man did stick his head in suggested I took digoxin again as it works well with diltysem

I'm ok mostly future for me is drugs with a possible pacemaker and av node ablation later in a few years

Or a better fix turns up by then

Just got to crack on and put two fingers up to AF for now

Stay well folks

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Have you already had an ablation? Why AV node ablate and pace?

Hardjuice in reply to azriverrat


No ablation as EP felt as I was in perminant AF that the success rate wasn't strong enough

I had two cardio versions that brought me back to sinus but dropped out within days dispite been on drondrone on one occasion

And as I'm coping ok he said don't go down the ablation route

I didn't argue I just went along with it

Pace and ablate isn't an avenue I'm warming too either btw but he does plenty of those

I just forget it all till my next consultation in 6 months

If the person you saw was training then he has to ask you the same questions to make sure he covers everything and to make sure he knows the routine

They have to practice on someone!

Hardjuice in reply to Puddychops

No doubt

Sitting waiting for 3 hours having travelled an hour and took a day off

Mayb lead me to think the way I did

if your happy to see an understudy then power to you

I'm sure the guy will go far in cardiology but reading someone notes off a computer first would be a good start IMHO only

Puddychops in reply to Hardjuice

I think it is more a case of them practising the procedure. If they didn't train thoroughly then we wouldn't be seeing anyone.

Reading someones notes if they have missed something (and they do) is not a good idea.

They need to have things clear in their own mind and be thorough.

I had such a conversation with an EP Consultant because I had typed it all out for him ( it was kegthy and compkicated so easy to miss things out) but he still wanted to hear it from me so that it all fitted in with what HE needed to know and what I thought he needed to know. There is a difference.

Once you are past the initial stages of Consultation it is normal to see the understudy otherwise what would they do all day?

Hardjuice in reply to Puddychops

he could have stayed in bed and read a bookMayb made the tea

But I'll give him a wide berth if that's ok with you

Puddychops in reply to Hardjuice

I think you are being deliberately rude and unreasonable

Hardjuice in reply to Puddychops

Why because i don't agree with you

Puddychops in reply to Hardjuice

No because you don't appreciate anyone elses point of view

A day can make a difference in a medical consultation.

I have conductucted medical history and current health consultations with people who 'forgot' to tell me they were pregnant in spite of the fact that it was a distinct possibility.

People forget about the heart attack they had 5 years ago. They become so accustomed to their situation that they forget to mention these things. Doctors are not mind readers so they have a procedure which makes it safer for you the patient!

You also need to consider what can change in a very short space of time. My brother inlaw, seemingly fit, had a sore throat for a week, saw GP, antibiotics for two weeks but no improvement, was going to go back but over the weekend was having difficulty breathing. We took him to casualty and a blood test revealed his haemoglobin was so low he was at risk of a heart attack,. That also meant oxygen was in short supply hence the breathing problem and his white cell count was through the stratosphere. A very prompt diagnosis was a lethal form of leukaemia ...3 weeks!!! He has since spent the best part of a year in hospital with nasty treatments and eventually a bone marrow transplant. Still not without its problems.

If you read theough this forum, we all have AF but we all have different symptoms, reactions to drugs and procedures. You can't expect a Doctor to know what is going in your life recently without asking and no Doctor will remember your details from all the people he has seen from your last appointment even if they were the same. A blood test a week ago would not necessarily produce the same results today

Anytime I've seen an EP in training he's been with an experienced EP.

New registrar perhaps? They work alone but still have to familiarise themselves and this is the way they do it.

Hardjuice in reply to LindaDaisy

That's true as was in this case

i had been under another consultant 4 years ago gave me two mins of his time signed me off and sorry nothing more he can do

So I stick to this guy like glue

The guy I see is without doubt my breath of fresh air so to speak he has that effect on many that see him

Hence my disappointment when another called my name

Back again in 6 months

And that time does fly

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